The Limon Ginger Revisited

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Way back in the early days of this blog, I did a posting on a drink I called the Limon Ginger. It was tasty and refreshing.

Here is the new updated version using specific ingredients. This has become my favorite after-work cocktail. The most glorious one and I have tried different rums, different ginger ales, brews, and beers, fresh lime, and lime juice.

This is the one.

The new limon ginger
Ingredients for the Limon Ginger: Mount Gay Barbados Eclipse Rum, Stirrings Clarified Key Lime, and Maine Root Ginger Brew

The New Limon Ginger
(makes 2 drinks)

3 oz. Mount Gay Barbados Eclipse Rum
1 oz. Stirrings Clarified Key Lime
12 oz. Maine Root Ginger Brew


Place 6 ice cubes in a shaker.  Add rum and lime juice. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

Place 3 fresh ice cubes into each of two glasses. Pour the contents of the shaker, sans ice, evenly into each glass.

Fill glasses to top with Maine Root Ginger Brew. If there is any left in the bottle, just drink it.

Enjoy responsibly.

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