Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey Soup

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So, it is the day after the big event.  You’ve survived another onslaught.  Congratulations!

The family has cleaned up the kitchen, done the dishes, and gone back from whence they came (We can dream, can’t we?) and those goofy turkey emblazoned plates your grandmother gave you are put away, not to be seen again until this time next year.

You probably had at least two turkey sandwiches for a late supper last night, so you’re certainly not going there again today.  Hmmm.  What to do, what to do?

Why not soup? It’s warm, it’s yummy, and best of all, it is easy!

Last night, if you were smart, you picked the remaining flesh of that fat bird and stuck the carcass in a big pot along with some celery, carrots, and onions, filled the pot with water and let it cook all night.  Now you have this amazing turkey stock to work with.

If you weren’t smart, you can use some chicken stock.  If you were semi-smart, you still have the carcass left and you can throw that in to the (canned or boxed) chicken stock and cook it for a half hour or so to at least get some of the goody out of it.  Cook it longer if you have the time.

Season appropriately with salt, pepper, and chile piquin powder.  If you don’t have the chili pequin powder yet, use some cayenne.  It adds a nice little bite.

So, now that you have that delicious stock, all you have to do today is strain it, add some noodles, and add those cubed up bird pieces.

Those dark pieces are from the “back oysters,” those delicious pieces of fowl flesh that hardly anyone seems to know even exist.

I used some really tiny egg noodles this time around.  They only take about three minutes to hydrate.   (I said it was a fast soup, didn’t I?)  You can use whatever noodle you have around.  If all you have is say, vermicelli, you can even break those up into small pieces and use that.

Oh, one more thing, just before serving, grate in some Parmesan cheese…

Don’t be shy with this stuff.  It not only helps thicken things up, but it adds a salty-nuttiness thing that helps to make this a hearty meal.

So, with the family gone, the house is all yours again.  Cuddle up with a warm bowl of turkey soup, a nice wine, and just say, “Ahhh!”  You’re back in your happy place…at least until Christmas.

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  1. Yumm. I love turkey noodle or chicken noodle soup. Usually, I make a tomato-vegetable soup with my leftover poultry, sans noodles. But I love anything in the soup family — so comforting.

  2. Hello I like your post “Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey Soup” so well that I like to ask you whether I should translate into German and linking back. Answer welcome. Greetings Kroatien

  3. Yours looks way better than mine! My stock turned out good (I didn’t cook it as long as you though!) Hope you had a great holiday!

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