Sous Vide NY Strips and Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

And so it came to pass that most glorious spousal unit actually asked for a sous vide steak. We’re making some progress!
Steak and Cheezy Potatoes!
She’s a meat and potatoes sort, so I asked her how she wanted the taters.

“Mashed. With cheese.” says she.
“Hmmm. Well, that’s different. What kind of cheese?” I asked stupidly.
“Cream cheese and Cheez Whiz®.”

Whatever. If that’s the price I pay to get her to buy into sous vide rather than just indulging my experiments, so be it.
Getting Ready for a Bath!
The steaks are on the left. Italian sausage in two-packs, then an 8 lb pork shoulder. In all, fourteen pounds of flesh.

She just rolls her eyes realizing this monster sous vide rig will now be on the counter (again) for days.
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It’s Offal! Beef Kidney Pâté

Posted by johngl

Eewwwww! Seriously? That is so-o gross! Strangely enough, I’m getting rather used to that kind of response when it comes to offal preparations.

Beef Kidney!

When I put this bulbous beauty into the cart, most glorious spousal unit literally turned her head away.  She even declared that under no circumstances, even if this somehow came out tasting like the world’s best foie gras, she wouldn’t even try it. I was entirely on my own. The price tag read $1.51; I just had to go for it.

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Wet and Dry Aging

Posted by johngl

About three weeks ago, another aging experiment was hatched.  I left a whole, unpeeled tenderloin in its cryovac packaging for two weeks.  Then I made the steaks found in the Grilled Beef Tournedos post. Those steaks were center cut and came out pretty darned good.

Two week wet-aged beef

I should have just stopped there, but I wanted to find out what would happen if I dry-aged the remaining pieces — a tail end, a head end, and the petites.

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