Sous Vide & Seared NY Strip Strips Sandwich and a Newfangled Old Fashioned

When I was hunting the fridge looking to bag something for lunch, this just jumped out in front of me:
Strips of NY Strip
Well, it wasn’t that exactly, it was a 3oz piece of sous vide NY Strip that most glorious spousal unit set aside for me. She’s thoughtful that way.

What to do, what to do?
Seared NY Strip Strips
I’d initially thought about a grilled cheese sandwich. Why not add some NY Strip strips?
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Introducing the Melonka Mary

Posted by johngl

I was poring over a cooking magazine the other day and noticed a recipe for Watermelon Soup that gave me the idea for what I’ll call the Melonka Mary (in honor of all my Russian friends).

Ingredients for the Melonka Mary

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Melonka is watermelon and vodka. The Mary part is just there for the spicy aspects of the drink.

The real reason I came up with this is so that I could actually use xanthan gum in something. Why not a drink?

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The Loquat ‘Rita

Posted by johngl

Way back in 2004, I worked on a remodeling project that indirectly yielded a lot of plant material. My client lived on a small Tarrytown (an Austin neighborhood) acreage replete with a grove of loquat trees. There were a number of fresh 6″ sprouts that erupted that summer and I harvested a few, transplanting them to my front yard.


And here we are, eight years later: the trees are over 12′ tall, about 4″ in diameter, and bearing their first fruit in a rather abundant manner. Over the past several weeks, they’ve been ripening nicely.

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Pork Tinga on Homemade Flour Tortillas

Posted by johngl

The other morning, I found myself standing in front of the open fridge wondering what the hell to make for dinner. In and amongst the food clutter — there is no shortage of things to eat in there — I noticed a pound of sous vide pork sirloin — part of my “ham making” experiments — still sealed in the bag. I also noticed some spicy Italian sausage links I’d cooked up the night before (for Italian sausage subs) and some as yet unused pizza dough. Wandering over to the pantry, I spied a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce and several large cans of whole plum tomatoes. There was an avocado on the counter that was pushing the envelope of ripeness.

Pork Tinga

And so evolved this recipe for Pork Tinga.

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Duck Eggs and Ham (Duck Eggs Benedict)

Posted by JohnGL

It was a week ago today. Cloudless sky. Blindingly bright. A perfect day to be alive. We met up with Doc and The Redhead at the Farmers’ Market downtown. They brought friends. It was a regular party.

This time, I brought the package: some of that Ragù of Wild Pig. I hoped they’d enjoy it.

The Redhead suggested that we finally meet the source of the that now infamous wild pig head.

Sebastien Bonneu

It is obvious that this man kills for a living. Chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, little lambs, and wild hog. Nothing is safe. He even speaks with an accent. Classic.

I walked away with a stiff rabbit and a dozen duck eggs. He got the contents of my wallet. The man likes cash. A fair exchange.

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Christmas Eve Eggnog

Back in the day, I used a variant of my decadent vanilla frozen custard recipe to make homemade eggnog.  The only modification was I included the egg whites after they’d been whipped. Oh what a frothy mass of yummy goodness that is. Its great for a party, but doesn’t store particularly well.

Egg Nog Fixins

And so it came to pass that for this holiday most glorious spousal unit asked me to pick up a quart of eggnog for personal use.

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Crêpes avec du Poulet de Rôtisserie

Posted by johngl

When you say it in French, it just sounds like some fancy-pants dish, doesn’t it? Crêpes avec du Poulet de Rôtisserie just rolls right off the tongue. The name alone jazzes up that leftover grocery-store rotisserie chicken.

Crepes with Rotisserie Chicken

The chicken part of this assemblage is a snap.  Stop at your favorite grocer, shell out that six bucks for the golden-browned, juicy and delicious rotisserie chicken, bring it home, and pick apart the thigh meat, back oysters, and the wings.  Or, you can do what I did: open the fridge and use the rest of the chicken you bought two days ago. In most glorious spousal unit terms, the fact that it is leftover makes it free!

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Classic Cocktail: The Tipperary

Posted by johngl

Skipping down the Irish road to Tipperary would certainly be a bit more interesting with a couple of these in you!

The Tipperary

Starting out with Irish whiskey, adding in a little Chartreuse (courtesy of France’s Carthusian monks), and popping in a splash of white vermouth, and you’ll be well on your way to falling flat on your face.

It’s a long road to Tipperary, so enjoy the trip.

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