Project: Kitchen

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I got tired of looking at a Thanksgiving post as the latest thing on this site.

Remember that destruction I did several months back? Probably not. I know you have slept since then.

Here we are now, still in progress. Maybe there is a song in there somewhere.

P1090249 P1090445
Before After

The other end of the kitchen has yet to be touched. It is a labor of love.

Weber-JohnGL Backyard Pizza Oven Prototype Test Drive

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It’s actually been a while since I fulfilled my “innovative use of construction materials” calling, but this past week, between much-needed rains, I’ve made up for some of that.

This is the same unit as in my previous post only now it is sporting two coats of black heat-resistant paint:

Modified Weber Backyard Pizza Oven

It’s still not done yet as I still need to mount doors and more pins for racks so I can use it as a large capacity smoker, but it is certainly done enough to make a pizza!

It's a Pizza! Modified Weber Backyard Pizza Oven Prototype

And it did it beautifully even though I wound up adding a layer of pizza stones to mellow the excessive heat.

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Weber-JohnGL “Dragon” Pizza Oven Prototype

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It was just over a year ago that I picked up and assembled my extra large Big Green Egg. One of the primary considerations in my decision was my plan to use it as a pizza oven. I’ve made a bunch of pizzas on the Egg, but it really isn’t a natural thing. There is just too much faith involved. I have to trust that the pizza isn’t burning because I can’t see inside. In addition, the very high heat involved in making pizza positively roasted the Egg’s felt seal and I wound up replacing it (no small feat) in less than two months.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Egg…though not necessarily for pizza.

Strangely enough, just over two years ago, I picked up a 26.75″ Weber Kettle in a step to avoid spending the massive quantities of money on the Big Green Egg.


I now introduce to you, the Weber-JohnGL 26.75″ “Dragon” Pizza Oven Prototype: DPO1.

Enter the "Dragon"

I “manufactured” that center insert in about two hours. And no, it’s not done yet. It’s a prototype.

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Project: Patio Kitchen Expansion (End of the World Post!)

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Just as a reminder, I may not be able to finish this post.  The world is supposed to come to an end in just a few minutes…

In case it doesn’t:

Back in February of 2004, I had the weird idea of building a patio kitchen.  Here it is, well over seven years later, and the project just keeps growing.

This is a view from the north end. The “then” shot is on the left. The “now” shot it on the right (click the photo for a larger shot).

Patio Kitchen, View From North Patio Kitchen, View From North in 2011

Besides aging a bit and having some serious vegetation — Tangerine Crossvine — taking over the pergola, it’s none the worse for wear and it has served me well.

Another view, this one from the back porch (then and now):

Patio Kitchen, View From Porch Patio Kitchen, View From Back Porch in 2011

In this set of photos, you can see that where the smoker used to be, the Big Green Egg now resides.  And where the 84,000 BTU stainless behemoth used to reside is now a small bistro table where most glorious spousal unit and I share evening libations.

Note: THE WORLD IS ENDING RIGHT NOW! Okay, so maybe not.  Wait, I should check if my neighbors are still around.

<imagine time passing while I run outdoors and have a look>

Yep, they’re still here, too. Oh well.

So, where did the smoker and stainless behemoth run off to?  If you are thinking that I succumbed to most glorious spousal unit’s suggestion (plea?) that I have too many grills and should get rid of some of them…well, you obviously don’t know me.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Patio Kitchen Extension

Oh, there they are. The smoker, the stainless grill, and the large Weber Kettle have moved out to the patio kitchen extension. On the left, you may notice a raised bed garden, too.

Where the extension now lives used to be my garden. That ratama tree behind the grill got too large and its canopy provided too much shade for garden plants to grow. Too bad for the plants, but really great for me on those hot summer afternoons!

When you find the end of the world approaching, think up a project to beautify your yard and make your life more comfortable.

Chances are the fundamentalist nutcases will be wrong.

With the end of the world now twenty minutes late and evening approaching, I think I’ll head out back and have a drink.

Life is good.



Project: Wine Closet

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About a year ago, back in September, 2007, I was relatively new at this blogging thing and posted a picture and single paragraph on my new wine closet. I built it for about a 500 bottle capacity. It wasn’t big enough.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have the room to enlarge it, but I thought I would give a few more details about how I did things.

This is what happens when you don’t build things big enough

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Project: Patio Kitchen

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You may wonder what building a patio kitchen has to do with food.  Well, to be frank (I’ve always wanted to be Frank, whoever he is), it doesn’t.  This is a shameless attempt to get new folks to visit this site.  However, when you think about it, who installs outdoor kitchens?  I mean, really, unless you are some rich dude with money to burn, the only reason you’d even want an outdoor kitchen is because you’re a grill whore.

How many grills or cooking surfaces can you find in this picture?

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Project: Pot Rack

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When folks come over for a visit for the first time, they tend to notice this thing hanging over my kitchen island:


Then they ask: Where did you get such a thing? (or something like that)

The answer:  I made it.  Well, I assembled the rack, not the items hanging from it.

A few pieces of galvanized iron pipe, some tee fittings and end caps, some substantial eye screws, a bit of cable, and some black spray paint…taa-dah!  It took about an hour to assemble and paint the thing.

Most of the hooks I now have on there came from Ikea, but I originally started with “S” hooks from my local hardware store.

Once they get over the sheer size of the thing, folks start looking at the pots, pans, and utensils that hang from it.  It is a menagerie of many different brands and I am loyal to none of them.  I buy what I use and everything hanging there gets used.  I don’t have it up there for show; stuff is there for convenience.  Well, that and a lack of storage space.

It serves its purpose well.

Build it yourself wine “cellar”

So, the photo below is of the wine “cellar” I recently added into a unused nook. The cabinets are hickory and the racks are epoxy coated metal. The chilling unit is a chillR 300 (by Koolspace). The countertops and flooring are both engineered hardwood (maple surface over laminated red oak). Walls are stucco coated cement board. Insulation is R30 in the ceiling and R18 in the walls.

The racks and chillR unit are available here.