Avocado Soup with Shrimp

This afternoon, most glorious spousal unit sent me a recipe. It intrigued me, but not enough to actually follow it.
Avocado Soup with Shrimp
This cold soup is amazingly simple when you have ripe avocados, shrimp, lime juice, butter, sherry, pequin powder (or cayenne), fresh garlic, chives, and some whole milk on hand.

Oh yeah, you’ll also need a blender and a pan to cook the shrimp.
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Pan Seared Center Cut Top Sirloin

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A few weeks ago, I was wandering the Costco Isles and happened upon a whole top sirloin with the cap intact. This was prime grade beef and around five bucks a pound. Still, it’s a lot of meat. Some butchery was in order. There’s a guide offered here, but I adhere the general rule of follow the muscle.

After I removed the cap, I followed the tissue and found this little beauty:


Okay, so it wasn’t seared off yet, but you get the idea. This is a muscle in the center portion of the sirloin, all trimmed up and seared at blistering temperatures in a cast iron skillet.

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Big Green Egg: Pork (Tenderloin) and (Black) Beans

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I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve posted anything food related; celebrating the longest day of 2013 seemed like a good enough reason. We’re also experiencing the largest full moon of the year, which is probably exerting its gravitational effects upon the fluids in my brain. You could call it high tide I suppose. Maybe just high.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I walked into the kitchen and most glorious spousal unit took it upon her fine self to thaw out some whole pork tenderloin.

Wait, let’s back up to last week.


This is pork shoulder bone. It was destined for a waste receptacle. That ain’t right.

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Grilled T-Bone, Gnocchi “tots”, and (un)truRoots Bean Trio

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I’ve been good lately. I mean dietwise good (let’s not get too crazy). I’ve dropped over 30 lbs from my all-time high of 238 by getting a lot more exercise and generally eating smaller portions. It was time for a reward dinner. So, last night, I ate a 30 ounce T-bone, bone and all, all by myself. OK, so I didn’t actually eat the bone, but certainly gnawed on the thing.

Grilled red meat, legumes, and Gnocchi "tots"

It’s a little difficult to believe that I used to eat that kind of volume on a regular basis. People told me, Dude, you’re six and a half feet tall, you can carry that extra weight. Maybe so, but I have to say that I certainly feel a lot better down here in the 207 range. My goal is to get under 200. And, in case you’re thinking that’s too thin, there was a time when me and my (racing) bicycle together weighed in under 200. I was a rail-thin 165 in those days, eating 6000 calories a day.

Enough about me. Let’s get on with the food!

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Celebration In Rack of Pork: Smoked and Pan Fried

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I’m gonna warn you ahead of time: this post contains digressions. If you are looking for a recipe for smoked rack of pork, you may want to go elsewhere. On the other hand, if you are more into real life adventures, you may just want to hang out and stay a while.

Firstly, the celebration part of this has to do with my dining room.  Most glorious spousal unit and I came up with a design for 1) extra storage space, 2) a serving bar, and 3) something that looked cooler than a blank wall. This idea was four years in the making and began with this pencil on graph-paper sketch circa 2007:

Dining Room Cabinets On Graph Paper

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Simple Foods: Shrimp & Quinoa

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Contrary to what I said in a recent post, most glorious spousal unit actually answered the “What would you like for dinner?” type question specifically and succinctly yesterday morning. I even got the idea that she really does read my posts, though, perhaps, it was simply coincidence.

The whole thing began as I was heading out the door for a luncheon appointment (with my two favorite lawyers in all the world). “Hey sweetie,” I says. “Would you like some fish or something for dinner?  I can pick it up on the way back from lunch.”

“Shrimp!” she says.

“Shrimp and scallops perhaps?” asks I.

“Just shrimp.” she answers.

She commandeth … and it was done.

Shrimp and Quinoa

Since my Florida days, when I bought live shrimp right off the boat (dockside in Cedar Key)  for three bucks a gallon, I’ve been nuts about shrimp. I miss those days, but I still love shrimp.

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Steak Frites

Posted by johngl

I can’t tell you how often I find myself staring into an open refrigerator, hand on top of the right side door, moving stuff around with my left, just to see what we have in there. Usually, there is some really good food in there, leftover from some fresh-made dinner we had a few days prior.

Sometimes, in those not-so-rare-as-they-should-be moments where I’m lacking inspiration, I will ask most glorious spousal unit what she wants for dinner. She rarely answers me directly — on many things, not just food questions — which tends to annoy my hyper-direct nature. For instance, the answer to my query: What would you like for dinner? was “We should use those potatoes leftover from the pork roast for something.”

I swear, she could run for office. Well, okay, she could run for office as long as I was locked away somewhere.


Steak Frites

Yep, those pommes frites are those leftover potatoes and they came out pretty darned tasty.

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Pork Tenderloin Marsala. Quick and Easy!

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Late in the day on Friday, when things were winding down at work, a friend/coworker asked me a question regarding the recipe I turn to when I have a need for good food coupled with speed.

This is a dish I created many years ago as a pork version of a still-famous Steak deBurgo as served at Johnnie’s Vet’s Club in West Des Moines, Iowa. Instead of beef tenderloin and sauterne, I used pork tenderloin and marsala; everything else is identical: basil, oregano, and equal parts butter and cream (with some garlic thrown in for good measure).  How could you go wrong with that?

Pork Tenderloin with Couscous

This is a really simple and fast recipe that never fails to win compliments and cause people to think that you’re a great cook.

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Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato…Salad?

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What I really really wanted for lunch today was a BLT sandwich.  I had a couple of fresh tomatoes fresh off the vine, some applewood-smoked bacon that my friend BigDMcC left here after our Venison-sausage-stuffed-quail paella efforts (a future post), and some fresh baby arugula that most glorious spousal unit picked up.

I finished off my Jamaican Blue Mountain French-pressed coffee and headed for the kitchen.

“I want a BLT for lunch,” says I.

“We don’t have anything that even resembles bread” says most glorious spousal unit.


Bacon, arugula, chicken, and tomato salad

Oh well, I guess it’s salad time.

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