Neck to Tail…Spatchcocked, Not Half-Cocked

Most glorious spousal unit and I were walking the aisles of our local Amish Market seeking turkey. Sadly, all the gobblers had flown the coop and there wouldn’t be any returning until Tuesday. We found duck. And goose. And turkey parts: breasts, legs, thighs, and necks. Forgive me, but I wanted an assembled bird.
Okay, well mostly assembled. This one is missing a lot of what it was hatched with.
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Thanksgiving Turkey

Posted by johngl

About a week ago, we got the 2009 edition of the Cook’s Illustrated compendium in the mail. These are indexed volumes of the entire year’s worth of magazines.  I have them going back to 1193.

Uh, wait, let’s try that again: 1993. Even I am not quite that old.

So, there she was, the most glorious spousal unit, thumbing through the thing and said, “You need to do a turkey you turkey!” I flipped her the bird.

That little scene didn’t actually happen, but it does illustrate the kind and loving relationship we share.

What was I talking about?  Oh, yeah.  Turkey.

Fresh out of the oven and a beautiful golden brown!

When was the last time you saw a bird this golden brown without the use of an airbrush?

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