The Loquat ‘Rita

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Way back in 2004, I worked on a remodeling project that indirectly yielded a lot of plant material. My client lived on a small Tarrytown (an Austin neighborhood) acreage replete with a grove of loquat trees. There were a number of fresh 6″ sprouts that erupted that summer and I harvested a few, transplanting them to my front yard.


And here we are, eight years later: the trees are over 12′ tall, about 4″ in diameter, and bearing their first fruit in a rather abundant manner. Over the past several weeks, they’ve been ripening nicely.

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Agavero, The Original Liqueur of Tequila

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There I was, in the midst of making some pizza dough for tonight’s dinner (homemade pizza on the Big Green Egg!) and I needed something refreshing in a hurry.  Let’s just call it an adult beverage emergency.

Agavero to the rescue!

I looked up and saw the bottle of Agavero, El Original Licor de Tequila, that was presented to me as a going away gift by my good friend, and fellow beverage connoisseur, Gabe.

The origins of this eminently drinkable beverage is the fermented and distilled juice of the blue agave plant that grows in the Tequila region of our southern neighbors.  It’s a blend of an 18 month old añejo and six month to one year old reposado. An added touch is the nectar of a flower from a plant native to mountains of Jalisco, called Damiana, which is purported to be a potent aphrodisiac (as though the alcohol isn’t enough of one already).

In the throws of my emergency, I grabbed a glass, asked the fridge deposit a nice load of ice into it, and poured on the Agavero. Siting a large lemon, hand picked and carried all the way from a friend’s tree in Altadena, CA, I sliced it in half and coaxed it’s juicy goodness into the glass.

I took a sip.  Ahhhhh.  Just what I needed! Very close to a Margarita, this brings with it an herbaceous quality that is hard to beat on a hot Texas afternoon.

Thanks Gabe.  Another crisis averted!

Cherry Margarita

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It’s cherry season in the great State of Washington and the most glorious spousal unit and I picked up about three pounds of them earlier this afternoon while wandering the aisles at Costco. Somehow,  eight bottles of wine worked their way into our cart as well. I’m not quite sure how that happens.

Anyway, back to the cherries. When you buy this many at once, you kind of put yourself in the position of figuring out what to do with them. I decided that a cherry flavored margarita wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Margarita's Cherry

And I wasn’t wrong.

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