Sous Vide NY Strips and Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

And so it came to pass that most glorious spousal unit actually asked for a sous vide steak. We’re making some progress!
Steak and Cheezy Potatoes!
She’s a meat and potatoes sort, so I asked her how she wanted the taters.

“Mashed. With cheese.” says she.
“Hmmm. Well, that’s different. What kind of cheese?” I asked stupidly.
“Cream cheese and Cheez Whiz®.”

Whatever. If that’s the price I pay to get her to buy into sous vide rather than just indulging my experiments, so be it.
Getting Ready for a Bath!
The steaks are on the left. Italian sausage in two-packs, then an 8 lb pork shoulder. In all, fourteen pounds of flesh.

She just rolls her eyes realizing this monster sous vide rig will now be on the counter (again) for days.
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10-Day Dry-Aged Ribeye with Blue Cheese

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There we were, most glorious spousal unit and I, ready to have some small three-day dry-aged ribeye steaks when BigDMcC called me about those Tomahawk Ribeyes last weekend. What’s a guy to do?

The small ribeyes went back into the dry-aging fridge for another week.

Trimmed dry-aged beef

Here they are again after trimming the dried dry-aged bits off. While parts looks rather browny-black in the photo, they are actually deep, dark purple-colored.

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Tomahawk Ribeyes. Dueling Chops!

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As I was navigating through traffic Friday evening, my phone emitted it’s text message tone. Rolling up to a long queue at the stop light at Ben White and Brodie, I gave my phone a look-see.

BigDMcC: I’ve got two two-pound Niman Ranch Tomahawk Ribeyes. What are you doing for dinner this weekend?
JohnGL: Going to your house?

Thus began the impromptu odyssey of the mega-steak. If it seems like I’ve been eating a lot of red meat lately, you wouldn’t be far off.

Grilled Tomahawk Ribeye Steak

We rearranged things a bit and Big D made the trek south to our place and James, another friend of ours, joined in the fun a few minutes later. I love it when a plan comes together.

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Grilled Ribeyes and Roasted Russet Burbank Potatoes

Posted by johngl

We were tripping the rift inside of Costco yesterday and developed a hankerin’  for some red meat somewhere along the way. But this post isn’t really about steak — though you will see steak posted — it’s about the potatoes.

Oven Roasted Russet Burbank Potatoes

These may well be the best roasted potatoes I’ve come up with in a while and I’d thought I’d share the secret formula. Well, that’s a bit of stretch. I do this blogging thing to keep track of my own cooking adventures, but if you feel like coming along for the ride, I don’t mind.

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Sous Vide Top Sirloin: Pan Seared “Tournedos”?

Right off the bat, I’ll probably irritate a few folks when using the word tournedos when talking about sous vide top sirloin steak; normally, that term would be used by high-end restaurants to describe a supremely expensive super-tender center cut of beef tenderloin. I suppose I could have called them Filet of Top Sirloin to avoid conflict but, in the end, I decided to throw caution to the wind; they looked like tournedos to me.

Top Sirloin "Tournedos"

These are actually prime grade top sirloin, cut from the muscle tissue directly underneath the top sirloin “cap” (the cap, or coulotte, being that bent-to-a-C-shaped tasty cut of meat — Picanha — oftentimes seen skewered by a sword).

I so need one (or more) of these sword thingys!

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Steak Frites

Posted by johngl

I can’t tell you how often I find myself staring into an open refrigerator, hand on top of the right side door, moving stuff around with my left, just to see what we have in there. Usually, there is some really good food in there, leftover from some fresh-made dinner we had a few days prior.

Sometimes, in those not-so-rare-as-they-should-be moments where I’m lacking inspiration, I will ask most glorious spousal unit what she wants for dinner. She rarely answers me directly — on many things, not just food questions — which tends to annoy my hyper-direct nature. For instance, the answer to my query: What would you like for dinner? was “We should use those potatoes leftover from the pork roast for something.”

I swear, she could run for office. Well, okay, she could run for office as long as I was locked away somewhere.


Steak Frites

Yep, those pommes frites are those leftover potatoes and they came out pretty darned tasty.

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Big Green Egg: Cowboy Ribeye Steaks

Posted by johngl

As many of you know, I picked up an eggs-tra large Big Green Egg a couple of weeks ago and I’m still putting it through its paces.  This time around, its bone-in “cowboy” ribeye steaks.

A perfect medium rare

For a first run (or any run for that matter) these came out PDG (pretty damn good).

This Egg (or BGE) may not be cheap, but it’s proving itself to be quite versatile. Whether it is working as a pizza oven, smoking bone-in roast of pork, or grilling steaks, the Egg is pulling its weight.

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