Beef: Sous Vide Top Sirloin

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I’ll admit it: when I began this adventure, I didn’t know a whole lot about sirloin. I never paid much attention to it since my favorite cuts of beef were ribeye and porterhouse steaks, in that order. These “favorite” steaks come from primal cuts located mid-cow.  Sirloins hail from an area behind the short loin (where porterhouses call home) and in front of the “round” portion at the back end of the cow.

This is a representation of a cow!

Notice that tenderloin strip (white) whose big end (sometimes called the “head”) rests between two hunks of sirloin. The Top Sirloin (light green) rests directly beneath the “head” end of the tenderloin primal.

Below is seven and a half pounds of prime grade top sirloin. It cost me less than $5/lb, so I had no problem doing some experiments with it. It’s not easy to find a prime grade of anything at that price. My first run at it was a nine hour sous vide at 132°F.

Top Sirloin sous vide

I just love that edge to edge color that sous vide cooking brings.

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Pan Seared Center Cut Top Sirloin

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A few weeks ago, I was wandering the Costco Isles and happened upon a whole top sirloin with the cap intact. This was prime grade beef and around five bucks a pound. Still, it’s a lot of meat. Some butchery was in order. There’s a guide offered here, but I adhere the general rule of follow the muscle.

After I removed the cap, I followed the tissue and found this little beauty:


Okay, so it wasn’t seared off yet, but you get the idea. This is a muscle in the center portion of the sirloin, all trimmed up and seared at blistering temperatures in a cast iron skillet.

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Study in Sous Vide Top Sirloin: Sirloin “Tips” over Duck Egg Noodles with Bordelaise Sauce

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Last week, I presented a wonderfully dismembered hunk of Prime Grade top sirloin that I’d immersed in my sous vide rig for about four hours. That little piece in the middle was just perfect for this dish:

Sous Vide Sirloin "Tips" over Duck Egg Noodles with Bordelaise Sauce

This was really a quick and easy dish, but before we get too far into the meatier portions, let’s talk about how to make those duck egg noodles.

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Southern Fried Sirloin with Sausage Gravy and Slaw

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Sometimes referred to as chicken fried steak, this crispy-fried beef cut is very similar in composition to the breaded pork tenderloin we visited a couple of weeks ago. You could use a beef tenderloin, or a ribeye, or a New York Strip. I just happened to use top sirloin because it is relatively cheap.

Southern Fried Sirloin, Sausage Gravy, Cole Slaw, and Whipped Potatoes
Panko Breaded Southern-Fried Sirloin, Sausage Gravy, Whipped Potatoes, and Cole Slaw

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