Sous Vide Pan-Seared Salmon

For many years I happily considered sous vide as just another cooking method fully ignoring that it is also, and perhaps primarily, a food preservation method. Properly pasteurized — and remaining sealed in the bag — food can keep in a 35°F fridge for several weeks. Freezing extends this keep time to months.
Sous Vide Salmon
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I don’t  understand it: how can people not like tomatoes? Even an Iowa farm girl like the most glorious spousal unit doesn’t like them. My step-brother doesn’t like them. One of my best friends doesn’t like them. They all consume pasta sauce, catchup, ketchup, pizza sauce, even Bloody Marys with great zeal. What’s up with all the tomato hate?

Micro Tomatoes

I mean really, how could you not like these cute little micro-sized ‘maters? About the same size as a good-sized pea, these little jewels grow wild here in Texas. I have them all over the yard thanks to hungry birds who eat them and redeposit the seeds along with a bit of fertilizer. If you start with one plant, you’ll have ten the following year.

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Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato…Salad?

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What I really really wanted for lunch today was a BLT sandwich.  I had a couple of fresh tomatoes fresh off the vine, some applewood-smoked bacon that my friend BigDMcC left here after our Venison-sausage-stuffed-quail paella efforts (a future post), and some fresh baby arugula that most glorious spousal unit picked up.

I finished off my Jamaican Blue Mountain French-pressed coffee and headed for the kitchen.

“I want a BLT for lunch,” says I.

“We don’t have anything that even resembles bread” says most glorious spousal unit.


Bacon, arugula, chicken, and tomato salad

Oh well, I guess it’s salad time.

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Tequila Chicken “Cordon Bleu” Salad

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When it’s 105°F (40.5°C) in the shade, you really don’t feel like moving around a whole lot. Luckily, I live in an air conditioned house, drive an air conditioned car, and work in an air conditioned office, the latter of which seems to be set to the temp of my wine cellar. We are in day 10 of triple digits here in Austin and summer hasn’t even started yet.  Normally, we have 13 100°F+ days per year.

But you didn’t come here for a weather report.

Cordon Bleu Chicken Salad

Cordon Bleu loosely translates to “blue ribbon” and I am using it here as a double entendre. I’ll let you figure them out.

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Food Photography 101

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Several of my friends are real photographers.  Their work can be seen at Solarphage, third space photo (3SP), and Darling Ashleigh (whose spousal unit recently completed his culinary finals and is now employed at the Driskill Hotel).

I am inspired by their work.  However, I am a hobbyist and therefore come up with rigs like this to take some macro shots of food:

Notice the high-end lighting stands and the butcher-paper backdrop. The wooden toaster tongs worked great to reposition salad parts.  The diffusers on the lamps are GLAD Press’n Seal® Wrap, one of the best uses of this stuff ever.

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