The Manhattan

Posted by johngl

Sometimes I like to explore the classics.  I’ve driven (very fast) classic cars: a ’71 Ferrari 365 GTB, a ’73 Maserati Bora, a ’69 Jag E-Type,  and, lest I forget, a ’68 Lamborghini Islero . On a different tack, I’ve read Atlas Shrugged numerous times and the Bible once. I’ve dated older women and sailed on old boats (not at the same time). I’ve looked at old pictures of myself and ridden old motorcycles (again, not at the same time). I’ve eaten (and made) Oysters Rockefeller, Beef Wellington, and Beef Richelieu. I’ve consumed old wines and old spirits.

Naturally, a Manhattan, one of the classic cocktails dating all the way back to the nineteenth century, falls into the latter category — sorta. Actually, it’s just an old recipe and has nothing to do with the age of the spirits involved, but I think you know where I am going.

Manhattan Fixins

Anyway, a classic Manhattan is made with Rye, Sweet Vermouth, and Bitters.

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