White Rabbit: Sous Vide Easter Bunny

Posted by johngl

Situated somewhere between free range chicken and wild rabbit lives the flavor profile of domestic bunny, hereinafter called White Rabbit, the true “other white meat.”

This one spent seven hours at 170°F in my sous vide tank.

White Rabbit, Brown Rice, and Rabbit Cream Gravy

This brown rice is hydrated with some of the best rabbit stock I’ve ever made and the rabbit tenderloins weighed in at 3.25 ounces each, perhaps the largest rabbit tenderloins ever. The creamy white gravy is made with the sous vide bunny juice and heavy cream.

Eating Easter Bunny was most enjoyable.

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Rabbit Cassoulet

Posted by johngl

When you’ve got some rabbit confit just sitting in the fridge not doing anything, you know it’s time to get that bunny in gear. Couple that with Spanish chorizo, caramelized onion, roasted garlic, hand made sausage, and most glorious pressure-cooked cannellini beans and you’ve got all the fixins for a tasty cassoulet.

Wonderful Rabbit Cassoulet

The fact that I used the awesome power of my Big Green Egg to cook this glorious casserole is incidental, yet more than a bit unusual.  For the longest time, I thought I needed another oven in the house. I guess not.

Hey!  I just figured out a way to fully amortize the Egg all at once!  W00t! It saved me a kitchen remodel!

Let’s get started on that cassoulet!

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Third Annual 4th of July Paella (& Pizza!) Fest

Posted by johngl

I was having so much fun cooking last weekend, I neglected writing about it.  I guess I must enjoy cooking more than writing. Perhaps I enjoy eating more than cooking. I’ll have to think on that one some more…

Anyway, it’s always about 100°F (or hotter) here in Austin around the Fourth holiday and my friend BigDMcC and I somehow decided it was a good idea to stand around a fire pit and cook paella. This was our third official Fourth of July Paella Fest. If that weren’t enough, pizza found it’s way on the menu for lunch: one must keep up their strength when setting out to cook paella.

Prosciutto, Arugula, and Cheese Pizza

Cute little tomatoes, eh? Those are actually supposed to be that orange color — these aren’t unripe Texas 200’s — and I think I will just call them acid bombs. Adding these to my prosciutto, arugula, and cheese pizza recipe was BigDMcC’s idea.  He likes to change things up when I’m not paying attention.  Such is the nature of our friendship.

We’d been sampling this pizza about 20 minutes earlier:

Previous Pizza

I’m still working on finding that perfect pizza-stone temperature: I’ve tried 425°, 450°, 525°, 625°, and that foray into the 725° range that I spoke of in an earlier post. I’m now throwing in measuring air temp.  The pizza above was cooked on 425°F tiles with air temps in the 700° range. It took between 4 and 5 minutes to cook.

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Cassoulet: Round 2

Posted by johngl

What do you do when you’ve spent the better part of a holiday weekend preparing for Paella Fest, have some leftover beans, rabbit, and Spanish chorizo sausage, and don’t feel like spending a lot of time cooking?

Well, when your in this house, you’ve created a perfect excuse for having cassoulet.


In this case, it’s a purely assembled dish taking either leftovers from the Paella Fest (beans, rabbit, Spanish chorizo) and combining it with pantry items (roasted garlic, caramelized onion) and baking it.

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