Project: Kitchen

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I got tired of looking at a Thanksgiving post as the latest thing on this site.

Remember that destruction I did several months back? Probably not. I know you have slept since then.

Here we are now, still in progress. Maybe there is a song in there somewhere.

P1090249 P1090445
Before After

The other end of the kitchen has yet to be touched. It is a labor of love.

Weber-JohnGL Backyard Pizza Oven Prototype Test Drive

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It’s actually been a while since I fulfilled my “innovative use of construction materials” calling, but this past week, between much-needed rains, I’ve made up for some of that.

This is the same unit as in my previous post only now it is sporting two coats of black heat-resistant paint:

Modified Weber Backyard Pizza Oven

It’s still not done yet as I still need to mount doors and more pins for racks so I can use it as a large capacity smoker, but it is certainly done enough to make a pizza!

It's a Pizza! Modified Weber Backyard Pizza Oven Prototype

And it did it beautifully even though I wound up adding a layer of pizza stones to mellow the excessive heat.

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Weber-JohnGL “Dragon” Pizza Oven Prototype

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It was just over a year ago that I picked up and assembled my extra large Big Green Egg. One of the primary considerations in my decision was my plan to use it as a pizza oven. I’ve made a bunch of pizzas on the Egg, but it really isn’t a natural thing. There is just too much faith involved. I have to trust that the pizza isn’t burning because I can’t see inside. In addition, the very high heat involved in making pizza positively roasted the Egg’s felt seal and I wound up replacing it (no small feat) in less than two months.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Egg…though not necessarily for pizza.

Strangely enough, just over two years ago, I picked up a 26.75″ Weber Kettle in a step to avoid spending the massive quantities of money on the Big Green Egg.


I now introduce to you, the Weber-JohnGL 26.75″ “Dragon” Pizza Oven Prototype: DPO1.

Enter the "Dragon"

I “manufactured” that center insert in about two hours. And no, it’s not done yet. It’s a prototype.

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