Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey Soup

Posted by johngl

So, it is the day after the big event.  You’ve survived another onslaught.  Congratulations!

The family has cleaned up the kitchen, done the dishes, and gone back from whence they came (We can dream, can’t we?) and those goofy turkey emblazoned plates your grandmother gave you are put away, not to be seen again until this time next year.

You probably had at least two turkey sandwiches for a late supper last night, so you’re certainly not going there again today.  Hmmm.  What to do, what to do?

Why not soup? It’s warm, it’s yummy, and best of all, it is easy!

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I Don’t Eat Leftovers!

Posted by johngl

I’ve heard those exact words from two people in the past week.

One, Brittany, a reasonably young and svelte female coworker eats real food like a bird, but devours anything sugar-laden with gusto.  The other (we’ll call him Snotty) is a reasonably old and wealthy friend who eats real food like a bird and still thinks that Cocoa Puffs is a food group.  If you stood them together and took a snapshot of them, it would look like this: ||

So, it was to my advantage that I grilled a whole beef tenderloin for the latter individual on Friday — an old friend I hadn’t seen in long while was in town and Snotty wanted to do a little get-together at the manse.  Now, normally, I would think that a single whole tenderloin wouldn’t be enough for seven adults, so I included the petite tenders with it.

I also made a five-pound-bag sized pile of roasted garlic mashed potatoes (1-1/2 heads of roasted garlic replete with a cup of heavy cream and a half-stick of butter).  These were to be topped with the oh-so-good Avruga (herring roe) caviar.  I was happy to hear that even my well-traveled friends hadn’t seen that before, but it is a natural pairing.

So, the whole point of this post is leftovers.

During clean-up, Snot uttered the fateful words and suggested that I take them home.  “SURE!”, says my frugal not-so-wealthy self.

Parmesan Encrusted Garlic Mashed Potato Galette with Philly Cheese-Steak French Dip sammy

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