A Small Tasty Greek Lambing

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It’s been about a month now since I loaded up the covered wagon for the sojourn out West near a small Texas town called Leander for another rendition of Greek lamb. Even though it has been a few weeks, the memories of the fun, tasty foods of all kinds, and good company linger on.

Oh. My. God.

This decidedly carnivorous moment, forever captured within these pages, helps with the memories and I can’t keep from laughing every time I see it.

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Lamburger: 50-50 Lamb, Beef and a bit of butter

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It’s gets pretty bad when I had to use the Alcoholian’s search feature to find out if I’d ever done a post on lamburgers.  It turns out that we made them at BigDMcC’s one and only monthly party. So, now that I know I haven’t done a post on them, you’re gonna get one.

And no, I am not burgering my way anywhere; the lamb thing was spontaneous.

lamburger, California style

From the bottom up, that is Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar from Seattle, a 50% lamb-50% beef burger, a ripe avocado, Clausen Kosher Baby Dills, and just a schmear of whole grain mustard and a sploot of ketchup.

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Braised Leg of Lamb

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A few weeks ago, my friend BigDMcC called me up with a proposition. He wanted to do some posts with food and wine pairings as a basis, tasting several bottles and then deciding what food would go best with them. I naturally agreed, but thought we might just take a blind stab with some classic pairings.

So yesterday, he brought over several wines based on the Sangiovese grape — the cultivar of woven-basket Chianti infamy. Despite it’s much maligned 1960’s bottle-as-a-candle-holder character, it is now one of the stars of Tuscan wine production. food and wine

Sangiovese is light and somewhat delicate in color, yet can be extraordinarily lively with acidity, making it a great partner for red pasta sauce or pizza.

Not knowing exactly which wines BigD was bringing over, I had picked out a leg of lamb last Wednesday. A little heavy perhaps, but not unheard of as a pairing with Tuscan wine.

This was a small sampling of the lamb, with a reduced sauce, over potatoes. It was pretty yummy with these two wines. I won’t steal any thunder from BigD’s future posting, so I will mostly concentrate on the food part of this gig.

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