Duck Eggs and Ham (Duck Eggs Benedict)

Posted by JohnGL

It was a week ago today. Cloudless sky. Blindingly bright. A perfect day to be alive. We met up with Doc and The Redhead at the Farmers’ Market downtown. They brought friends. It was a regular party.

This time, I brought the package: some of that Ragù of Wild Pig. I hoped they’d enjoy it.

The Redhead suggested that we finally meet the source of the that now infamous wild pig head.

Sebastien Bonneu

It is obvious that this man kills for a living. Chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, little lambs, and wild hog. Nothing is safe. He even speaks with an accent. Classic.

I walked away with a stiff rabbit and a dozen duck eggs. He got the contents of my wallet. The man likes cash. A fair exchange.

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Hatch Chile Pepper Pork Burger with Serrano Ham

Posted by johngl

Back on the 4th of July holiday, when my good friend BigDMcC and I participated in our very own paella fest, he brought over a type of pepper seasoning I had never experienced before: Piment d’Espelette. That seasoning just did wonders with the pork he used in his paella.

Since we are still on our burger crusade, I thought, why not?

Pork burger with Serrano Ham and Hatch Chile peppers

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Red Beans & Rice…and Ham Hocks?

Posted by johngl

It was a little chilly over the weekend.  The gusty winds were blowing brightly colored leaves around the yard and it just felt like a good time for some comfort food.  Lucky for me, my beloved most glorious spousal unit, the queen of comfort food, ran across some ham hocks at the local grocer and we had plenty of beans and rice in the larder.

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Berkshire Hog “Prosciutto” from La Quercia in Norwalk, IA?

Posted by johngl

Slices of a French recipe boule, organic Washington Granny Smith apples, California aged white cheddar, a few brushes of olive oil, and the La Quercia Prosciutto style hog leg all brought together with the heat of a panini press made for a wonderfully simple dinner tonight.

A yeasty Prosecco, a non-vintage offering from WP SRL Crocetta Del Montello, Italia, complemented this sandwich quite nicely (though I wondered later why I didn’t use a US based product given the other ingredients).

Bread made fresh here in Austin, the apple grown in Washington, the California “happy cow” cheese, the Texas olive oil (Al Fresco), and the Iowa prosciutto all would combine to make some “all local” foodies writhe in agony like a bisected earthworm, but at least all that stuff came from the USA. I had to go and spoil it by sticking a Prosecco in there. Silly me.

Regardless, to make this seemingly international sandwich, slice the bread about 3/8″ thick. Lay on a few slices of the ham. Peel and then slice the apple about 1/8″ thick and lay the apple slices on the ham. Shave some of the cheese over this (doesn’t take much as the aged cheddar is a bit tangy), then cover with another slice or two of ham. Add the other slice of bread and brush some tasty olive oil on the outside of the sandwich.

Pop this into a panini press, wait about a minute and you are done. Pop the cork, it is chow time.

These Iowa folks, who tell us that there are more pigs in their home state than people, have earned their keep. They have a product that rivals their Parma counterparts.

Give their ham a try…available at Whole Foods in the Charcuterie department.