Big Green Egg: Cheesy Grate Be Gone!

Posted by johngl

The other day I got a call from my new friend Lane, an independent metal fabricator that can be found at Lane got right to the point: the grate for my Big Green Egg was done!

I was so excited, I stepped out of my office to spread the word to my long-time friend and co-worker Rob.  He laughed at me. WTF? Then he explained: You see, he gets all excited about geeky stuff. This guy gets juiced when talking about 16 gig of RAM in his home desktop. So when I was all jazzed about such a low-tech thing like a grill grate, it struck him as funny.

Fair enough.

Big Green Egg: Now with Real Steel (tm)

Now this is some Real Steel.  I believe I am going to have to do a trademark search on RealSteel™.

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Novelty Gifts

Posted by johngl

By the very nature of this web log, people know I am into food and nearly anything remotely related to food or its preparation.  My kitchen utensils and tools collection has grown to the point that it has migrated outdoors — I keep a set of pots and pans out there on my patio kitchen — and even into my garage, which has it’s own set of cooking equipment: turkey fryer, distillation unit, overflow pots and pan storage, etc.

I have no one to blame but myself.

To add to this, friends and family (including most glorious mother-in-law), along with attorneys and health care professionals (extended family of sorts given what they know about me), add to my storage crisis by presenting me with novelty gifts to show their appreciation for my collection and kitchen skilz. I graciously accept such items and make sure I make use of them at least once.

And so it came to pass that my most skilled dental hygienist (along with input from most skilled dentist), good friends to be sure since I’m not partial to having strangers root about inside my mouth, presented me with something that actually caused me to laugh out loud:

Pot Holder

Yes, I am easily amused. Alcohol helps this amusibility weakness along considerably.

The versatility of this particular thing is amazing.

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PolyScience Smoking Gun™

Posted by johngl

Feeling a little bit like I was suffering a 1976 flashback — wandering the isles of Sid’s Head Shop in Des Moines and laughingly noticing a device called a “power hitter” — I returned home yesterday to find that most glorious spousal unit had picked up one of these:

PolyScience "Smoking Gun"

This Smoking Gun™ is produced by the good folks of PolyScience, makers of fine laboratory equipment. It even comes with a long rubber hose and shredded wood chips in two flavors: hickory and applewood. Batteries, too, were included. I was jonesing.  All I needed was something to smoke.

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Kitchen Equipment: Favorites (Hand Tools) Continued

Posted by johngl

I can’t believe I have been at this blogging thing for nearly three years now.  Way back on March 9, 2008, I did a post on my favorite kitchen hand tools. In that post, I said I would do a follow-up. It only took two years and four months, but here it is.

First though, an update.

Two stage corkscrews

Obviously, these are cork screws.  They are of the two-stage variety (as was my previous favorite) but these also have a bottle opener and are a bit lighter.  When we are traveling, these come along for the ride.

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Chef’s Choice Asian Knife Sharpener (315S)

Posted by johngl

It was truly a gift of Valentine’s Day love when the most glorious spousal unit came home with this Chef’sChoice 315S Diamond Electric Sharpener for Asian-Style Knives (what a mouthful).

Chef's Choice Asian Knife Sharpener

I am not being facetious either. I fess up to having a fondness for sharp objects and a therapist might even say that cooking is just a vehicle to allow me to utilize them without looking like a hoodlum standing on a street corner flipping a butterfly knife open and closed.

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Power Tools!

Posted by johngl

As I sat out on the back porch this fine Saturday morning, captivated by the mesmerizing staccato phfut…phfut…phfut…thwit-thwit-thwit of the lawn sprinkler, it suddenly came to me that I could be writing a post rather than simply staring off into the oblivion thinking blank thoughts.  I didn’t do anything about it, but I sure did think about it for about a second.

Then, sadly, my tranquil thoughts of nothing were quite dramatically shattered when three neighbors, seemingly on the very same schedule, all fired up their lawn mowers simultaneously.  Crap, I hate that.  But, rather than continue the evil thoughts of grinding my neighbors into sausage and feeding them to the barking dogs across the street, I came up with something just a little less destructive: I fetched my computer.

So, now, what should I write about?  Hmmm.

As the sounds of yet another neighbor’s weed whacker (thwapping against the wood fence) startled the cat and the wife, it dawned on me, power tools! Woot.

My favorite kitchen power tool is made by KitchenAid.  I have a beastly one and a beastlier one:

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