Crabby Balls

Decades ago, in a land far, far away, a housemate introduced me to several Asian-inspired dishes. I wasn’t as fluent in cooking back then, but this recipe has stuck with me throughout the years without much modification. Marcotte called them Pork & Crab Meatballs.


BigDMcC, another old friend, calls them John’s Crabby Balls. The name seems to fit.

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I Like Leftovers (Salmon, Crab, & Caviar)

Posted by johngl

After the Nori roll-a-thon, where I used only specific portions (belly and tender) of a super-fresh sockeye salmon fillet and a specific segment of the king crab legs (second from the body), I had a bunch of leftover seafood product.

I iced everything down really well and put the remaining parts and pieces into the cold drawer at the bottom of the fridge.  I had the mid-back and back (dorsal) sections of that wonderful piece of salmon left along with some crab knuckles and leg segments.

King Crab Knuckles and Sockeye Salmon with drawn butter

The preparation was really, really simple…

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