Please, if it’s not too late, make it a cheeseburger

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It’s been hot.  I mean really, really hot, at least for Austin. I dare say, it’s just been too hot to cook, be it indoors or out. Consequently, I’ve been drinking a lot and, hence, the number of classic cocktail posts emanating from the Alcoholian as of late.

However, this weekend, most glorious mother-in-law is in town and I just couldn’t get away with not cooking anything. I opted for something relatively simple.

Make it a cheeseburger

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Big Green Egg: Burgers

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I know it’s a little weird: I’ve had this Big Green Egg for two months now and I haven’t grilled a single burger.  But, thanks to most glorious spousal unit’s insistence that she wanted a burger, we picked up some chuck yesterday whilst hunting down some rabbit for our Third Annual 4th of July Paella Fest.


Juicy Chuck Burger

I have to give her credit: sometimes her nagging insistence pays off.

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Five Guys Burgers vs. Mighty Fine Burgers

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Going out and having a burger is a national pastime. According to Eric Schlosser, in his book Fast Food Nation, Americans eat 13 billion burgers a year. Based on a US population of about 307 million (US Census Bureau, July 2009), that is about 42 burgers per year for each and every one of us. Luckily, I probably eat about half of that unless I am burgering my way to Labor Day (as I was doing about this time last year). At least those were home made.

BFD. Get on with it man!

Five Guys Burgers and Fries Mighty Fine

And so it came to pass that within a two week period, I had the same type of burger at two highly rated burger joints.  In the left corner, weighing in at 650 stores across the country and originating in Virginia, Five Guys.  In the right corner, weighing in at a mighty three stores and originating in Texas, Mighty Fine.

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Burgers, Brats, and Grilled Chicken Breasts

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While those ribs featured in the previous post were taking in a long, hot bath, I needed to cook off some hunks of chuck we had in the fridge. I wasn’t cooking these for immediate consumption; these were for a weeknight dinner.

aged chuck burgers

We had these for dinner the following Monday (tonight in fact) and they were enjoyed immensely by both the most glorious spousal unit and the most glorious mother-in-law, so I must have done something right.

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Lamburger: 50-50 Lamb, Beef and a bit of butter

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It’s gets pretty bad when I had to use the Alcoholian’s search feature to find out if I’d ever done a post on lamburgers.  It turns out that we made them at BigDMcC’s one and only monthly party. So, now that I know I haven’t done a post on them, you’re gonna get one.

And no, I am not burgering my way anywhere; the lamb thing was spontaneous.

lamburger, California style

From the bottom up, that is Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar from Seattle, a 50% lamb-50% beef burger, a ripe avocado, Clausen Kosher Baby Dills, and just a schmear of whole grain mustard and a sploot of ketchup.

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Duck Burgers (with Foie Gras) — Labor Day Finale

Posted by johngl

Labor Day is upon us!  Time to wrap up this Burger Quest.

You might wonder: Why would anyone in their right mind grind a duck into burger meat?

Well, I like duck and I think duck is under-appreciated in this part of the world.  Why not burgers?  We burger everything else! Is it really such a stretch?  I’ve roasted it, confit’d it, grilled it, and made stock out of it.  I hadn’t yet tried burgering it (spell check is trying to turn “burgering” into “buggering” which would give that last statement a whole new meaning).

So when Brittany (aka: Stems) suggested that for my finale, I should do “duck burgers and fries cooked in duck fat” it took about 10 seconds before I said: “OK! You’ve got something there.”

I hereby introduce to the world: The Maple Leaf Farms Duck Burger!

Maple Leaf Farms Duck Burger! With fries cooked in duck fat!

What do you mean it looks just like a hamburger?  Of course it does, that is the whole point.

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Hatch Chile Pepper Pork Burger with Serrano Ham

Posted by johngl

Back on the 4th of July holiday, when my good friend BigDMcC and I participated in our very own paella fest, he brought over a type of pepper seasoning I had never experienced before: Piment d’Espelette. That seasoning just did wonders with the pork he used in his paella.

Since we are still on our burger crusade, I thought, why not?

Pork burger with Serrano Ham and Hatch Chile peppers

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Fish Burger (Salmon)

Posted by johngl

Back in the Burger Your Way To Labor Day post, I mentioned something about the possibility of throwing a fish burger into the mix.  Well, the wait is over and here it is:

Salmon Burger

Yep, this is a salmon burger.  For all of you folks who no longer eat pigs, cows, deer, buffalo, chickens, or antelope, we now have the food for you.  Sit down with your favorite grizzly bear and have a party!

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