Sous Vide: Yuengling Beer Brats?

On first blush it seemed a bit wacky. Why in the world would anyone need to sous vide a bratwurst? One could say the same thing for hamburgers and yet many sous vide aficionados swear by the technique.
Sous Vide Beer Brat
Strangely enough, I found the Yuengling infused brats at a local box store. I guess it isn’t so strange since I live in the Mid-Atlantic region and Yeungling hails from Pennsylvania and also happens to be the oldest operating brewery in the U.S. Continue reading

Burgers, Brats, and Grilled Chicken Breasts

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While those ribs featured in the previous post were taking in a long, hot bath, I needed to cook off some hunks of chuck we had in the fridge. I wasn’t cooking these for immediate consumption; these were for a weeknight dinner.

aged chuck burgers

We had these for dinner the following Monday (tonight in fact) and they were enjoyed immensely by both the most glorious spousal unit and the most glorious mother-in-law, so I must have done something right.

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Food Photography 101

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Several of my friends are real photographers.  Their work can be seen at Solarphage, third space photo (3SP), and Darling Ashleigh (whose spousal unit recently completed his culinary finals and is now employed at the Driskill Hotel).

I am inspired by their work.  However, I am a hobbyist and therefore come up with rigs like this to take some macro shots of food:

Notice the high-end lighting stands and the butcher-paper backdrop. The wooden toaster tongs worked great to reposition salad parts.  The diffusers on the lamps are GLAD Press’n Seal® Wrap, one of the best uses of this stuff ever.

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Regardless of the date on the calendar, summer has officially arrived in Texas with Austin temps easily reaching the high 90s and the last thing you need to do is heat up the house by doing a lot of cooking. And I never really need an excuse to play with fire.

Last Monday, the work holiday known as Memorial Day, gave me the extra day I needed to do some serious fire roasting. Brats, Italian sausage links, tequila chicken, and finally some loin-back ribs were all slated for sizzling contact with hot steel. We’d have ready to eat goodies for the rest of the week.

Of course, having a bbq loin-back rib dinner for Memorial Day wasn’t bad either:

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