Sous Vide: Yuengling Beer Brats?

On first blush it seemed a bit wacky. Why in the world would anyone need to sous vide a bratwurst? One could say the same thing for hamburgers and yet many sous vide aficionados swear by the technique.
Sous Vide Beer Brat
Strangely enough, I found the Yuengling infused brats at a local box store. I guess it isn’t so strange since I live in the Mid-Atlantic region and Yeungling hails from Pennsylvania and also happens to be the oldest operating brewery in the U.S. Continue reading

Wild Caught Halibut: Fish & Chips

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We were taking a cruise through the Costco Isles this morning and noticed some freshly packed, wild-caught halibut. Since I’ve been wanting to try out that fried chicken batter on some fish, this presented the perfect opportunity.

Beer Battered Halibut Fish & Chips

I wasn’t at all disappointed. The halibut came out moist, flaky, and not a bit over-cooked. This is a batter that will be used on all kinds of things, perhaps even beef tenderloin (as in chicken fried steak). Stay tuned.

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Fourth of July Fried Chicken

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I admit it, I’ve been struggling with my (fried) chicken for years … (I’ll let that image soak in for a sec): Batter is either too thick or too thin, tastes too eggy, separates from the flesh, burns too quickly, or never gets crunchy. But finally, salvation is at hand. Let us give thanks.

Alcoholian's Boneless-Skinless Beer Battered Fried Chicken

Actually, I have the folks at Cook’s Country to thank for this one as it was they who inspired this particular adventure.

The first thing you will need to do is select and prep your chicken parts. I selected boneless breasts. I mean really, who likes boney breasts?

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Review: Cascade (Teton Village, WY)

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Tucked away in what is actually the walkout basement of the Teton Mountain Lodge and Spa in Teton Village, Wyoming you’ll find Cascade, an inviting and cozy establishment where Executive Chef Kevin Humphreys spins up some magnificently flavorful wild game treats.

Cascade also serves beer.

Snake River Brewing Company

On a junket over to Cody, I’d discovered offerings from the Snake River Brewing Company located in the Jackson Hole area, specifically in the town of Jackson. Their Vienna style lager is their most popular beer and with good reason: the malt forwardness provides sweetness for the hops-averse yet it’s well balanced enough to go nicely with food.  I decided it would be a great way to open the night.

Pheasant Ravioli

Chef Humphrey’s Smoked Pheasant Ravioli with Sage-Prosciutto Sauce is surprisingly light yet packs a mouthful of flavor. The pasta is made in-house and surrounds a wonderfully tasty and cheesy blend of ricotta and shredded smoked pheasant. The creamy sauce is loaded with prosciutto chunks and crispy-fried sage leaves and a paper-thin chip of crisp prosciutto top this off nicely.

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Review: BJ’s Brewhouse (Austin, TX)

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** UPDATED: December 17, 2008 – Earlier today, a good friend of mine informed me that he and his date had visited BJs late on a Monday night and that the service was “terrible” and that some of  food was  “inedible.”  I am hoping this is an isolated incident, but now you have been forewarned. END UPDATE **

My beloved spousal unit found herself helping out refugees from Hurricane Ike on the day of our 17th wedding anniversary.  She pulled an 18 hour shift, so we didn’t have time for any sort of celebration.  When she awakened the next day, she indicated that a trip over to BJ’s Brewhouse for a plate of sliders (and a brew) was what she desired for a Sunday lunch.

Who am I to refuse?

Now, normally, I am not much for chain restaurants.  In fact, I will go out of my way to avoid most of them.  But this one has some pretty decent beer.

On the left, we have the Brewhouse Blonde.  On the right, Jerimiah Red.  What a great pair. I really like the red with a burger.  It has a bitterness that just welcomes meat and cheese.  My spouse had originally ordered the Oktoberfest. We were really bummed out when they said they were out of this featured selection.  Demerit number one.

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