Everyday Tortilla Soup

Posted by johngl

We had some black beans, quinoa, remnants of rotisserie chicken, avocado, fresh tomatoes, chicken stock, and a tasty taco seasoning blend, the latter of which we’d picked up at a local Amish market.


It was time for a quick and easy tortilla soup and a great way to make room in the fridge for this week’s groceries.

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Big Green Egg: Pork (Tenderloin) and (Black) Beans

Posted by johngl

I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve posted anything food related; celebrating the longest day of 2013 seemed like a good enough reason. We’re also experiencing the largest full moon of the year, which is probably exerting its gravitational effects upon the fluids in my brain. You could call it high tide I suppose. Maybe just high.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I walked into the kitchen and most glorious spousal unit took it upon her fine self to thaw out some whole pork tenderloin.

Wait, let’s back up to last week.


This is pork shoulder bone. It was destined for a waste receptacle. That ain’t right.

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Sous Vide/Big Green Egg Choice-Grade Brisket and Anasazi Beans

Posted by johngl

Not being one who’s easily satisfied, I’m always looking for new and different ways of doing things. Sometimes they even turn out to be better ways of doing things. I may be onto something here.

The brisket below spent roughly 48 hours in a 135°F sous vide hot tub and then another seven hours smoking away in my extra large Big Green Egg at 200°F.

Holy crap, dude!

48 hour sous vide and 7 hour smoked brisket

I get a lot of whining: This takes too long! I don’t have that kind of time! I don’t have a $1500 Big Green Egg and an immersion circulator!

Okay, so you may have me on the latter though my “immersion circulator” cost me less than $200 and you can use a $90 Weber Kettle and do the same kind of thing. Time-wise, I literally spent less than an hour “tending” the meat. This included rinsing, trimming, seasoning, bagging, unbagging, firing up the egg, and moving the meat out to the smoker. That hour was spread over three days.

Stop whining already. I’ve done the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is give it a whirl.

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Egg-cellent Rack of Pork

Posted by johngl

Now I’ve done it: I’ve gone and used the goofy egg prefix. But honestly, I couldn’t help myself. In my last post, I stated that I wanted the maiden voyage of my new Big Green Egg to be a bone-in roast of pork.

I was usurped by most glorious frozen pizza.

But it’s Sunday, the pork was in the fridge just itchin’ to get out in the open air , and my most glorious spousal unit was whipping up a batch of her famous pressure-cooked beans.  Today it was mixed beans done in chicken stock.


Pork and Beans

The Egg made it pretty simple.

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One Week Dry-Aged Ribeye

Posted by johngl

So, it’s Super Bowl Sunday, the Pack is back, the Sun came back to Texas after a week of below-freezing temps, and most glorious spousal unit popped some mixed beans into the pressure cooker: how could I not fire up the tribal grill and sear off some aged ribeyes?

Dry Aged Ribeye

Just look at that sear! The grill was so hot the proteins parted like the Red Sea.

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Red Beans & Rice…and Ham Hocks?

Posted by johngl

It was a little chilly over the weekend.  The gusty winds were blowing brightly colored leaves around the yard and it just felt like a good time for some comfort food.  Lucky for me, my beloved most glorious spousal unit, the queen of comfort food, ran across some ham hocks at the local grocer and we had plenty of beans and rice in the larder.

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