Sous Vide Leg of Lamb

Or ham of lamb?
Ham of Lamb
A tender, juicy, carnivoran delight. Cute little critters don’t stand a chance when they taste this good.

My assault on the young Ovis aries began with my European heritage loudly bleating its cravings into my minds ear as I wandered into the Aisle of Meat at my local grocer. Attempting to suppress the salivation, I continued on. About three feet later, I stepped back, selected a smallish limb of lamb, and continued on with my current mission.

Entering our home heavily laden with loads of fresh fodder, I couldn’t wait to tear into the nearly impregnable packaging.
Seasoned Leg
Having successfully ripped the protective membrane from my quarry, I unrolled this boneless wonder and seasoned with salt and pepper as though I knew what I was doing.

As the lamb waited, I prepared the hot tub. It’s handy that my modern-day faucet dispenses hot water at temps in the 130°F range. Loading my make-shift sous vide rig with hot water, setting the temp to 134°F, then re-rolling and re-sealing the lamb leg in yet more plastic, I walked away for nearly two days.

The downside of sous vide cooking — other than lengthy cooking times — is that meats tend to emerge from the hot tub a hideous death-gray color. A plus is that I then get to engage a blowtorch.
Yay! Blowtorch!
This was strictly for show as I was planning on pan-searing leg steaks for Sunday dinner anyway.
Sunday Dinner
Seared for about a minute a side in a hot skillet and finished with a Cognac/butter sauce, then serving with a brown rice pilaf and a bit of slaw, my cravings were sated, at least for the moment.

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2 thoughts on “Sous Vide Leg of Lamb

  1. It was great to see your latest blog,
    a joy to read and never a slog.

    At first I thought you played hard to get,
    but I never found the temperature set.

    • I’m sorry David, I truly am,
      to fail so badly on this Ham of Lamb.

      I wasn’t playing hard to get,
      I merely spaced that temperature set.

      It’s 134 if you’d care to know,
      I fixed the post, so there you go!

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