Sous Vide: Breaded Pork Tender Loin

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I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but I start to crave a breaded pork tenderloin sandwich. I even did a post on it back in the day whilst reminiscing about a joint called Millie’s Drive In located in Des Moines, IA.

I’ve changed up a few things. Wait, no, I’ve changed up everything!
Sous Vide Tender LoinsThey don’t look all that different, do they?

Let’s go back to the beginning:
Original Cut
This is about a half inch of sous vide pork loin (not tenderloin) that was cooked sous vide style for 12 hours at 132°F (Note: It was refrigerated for several days post cook)

Frankly, I didn’t think this would work since that loin is now fork tender.

I was surprised when I was able to do this to it:
Meat Pounded
It actually held together! Holy crap!

Seasoned with salt and pepper, along with a dusting of corn starch, this went into a batter consisting of equal parts flour and corn starch, salt, black pepper, pequin pepper, smoked paprika, and hot paprika, baking powder, oh, and beer. It’s more of a tempura-like batter in consistency (leave it thin and lumpy — do not overwork the batter mix!)

Into the frying pan it goes!
In the frying pan
These are shallow-fried — about a half inch of oil — in a cast iron skillet. Heat the oil to 350°F and go nuts.

It doesn’t take long, probably about a minute and a half per side.
Tender Loin Sandwich
I put this one on some fresh-baked focaccia along with some a little ketchup and dill pickle slices.
Take a few bites!
I took a few bites…wa-a-a-y better than my last posted effort and nearly as good as the ones I used to get at Millie’s.

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  1. Sir: Thanks for this great idea and direction. Pork loin is always available and competitively priced but not much for “WOW! factor.” But your great idea opens the doors to flavor and fun. Thank you for your site and lessons offered. So happy you are posting again. You da’ man!

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