Sous Vide Beer Brats Revisited

A couple of margaritas ago, I pulled some brats out their four hour 140°F sous vide water bath. They were ugly.
Ugly Brats!
I fired up my modified Weber Kettle®…the one I used for the St. Louis cut ribs I talked about a few weeks ago and got things a-smokin with some hunks of red oak.
Pizza Oven Returns Again
After about 35 minutes into a 250°F smoke session, the heard the brats sizzlin’. Tis a beautiful sound. They smelled great and looked tasty. I pulled them out.
Pretty Juicy Brats
These were prepped in the same way as I always do: a little whole grain mustard, a little ketchup, and a smattering of home-made sauerkraut.
Brats and Kraut and Brats and Kraut and Brats and Kraut
Given the success of my first outing with Sous Vide Yuengling Beer Brats, I doubled the time in the water bath and gave them some smoking-hot love in the Weber instead of a stove-top sear. The extra time and effort, such that it is, was well worth it given the tender and exceptionally juicy outcome!

I think I hear another margarita calling my name.

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