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Almost everyone likes sandwiches. I assume this because us American types eat billions of them every year. Who can resist a carb laden wrapper around a hunk of protein?  Throw in some fat and you’ve got yourself a winner.

But how do you make a great sandwich? I used to think I was pretty good at it, but earlier today, my sammich-foo took a back seat to that of John Bates, chef/owner of Noble Pig, a tiny shop located in a nondescript strip mall on Highway 620, just north of Anderson Mill.

Noble Pig Sandwiches

They opened their doors a mere 23 days ago.

The unusual thing about this particular sandwich shop is that they also bake their own bread, make their own sausages, smoke their own meats, do their own bbq, and pickle their own cucumbers, carrots, and onions. This shop is truly a labor of love. And it shows.

The labor begins at 4am every day when the ovens are fired up to bake the bread.  At 6am, they open for breakfast. Monday –  Thursday, they are open until 3pm.  Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, they are open until 5.

Noble Pig's Blackboard

Unbeknownst to the most glorious spousal unit and I, my friend and fellow food enthusiast, BigDMcC, made arrangements with Chef Bates to bring seven different sandwiches to the table.  One each of the Creole Catfish, Smoked Duck Pastrami, Grilled Chorizo, their signature Noble Pig, Thai Chicken, BLT, and finally, The Noble Dog. And, if that weren’t enough, a plate of the Sando Special: Chicken n Biscuits also made it to the table.

My first bite of the BLT told me that I was in for a treat: the bacon is cured and smoked in-house. This was the best Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sammy ever.

A simple Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Sammy

Then I tried the Creole Catfish.

Creole Catfish

So, normally, I’m not much for fish sandwiches.  The fish is usually overcooked, the breading is laden with sugars, and generally, they are just not well-executed. Thus, with trepidation, I picked it up and gave it a whiff: no funky fish thing. I took a bite. The snap of the romaine and onion told me the veggies were wonderfully fresh. The catfish itself was sweet, tender, and perfectly cooked.

It was time to sample the most glorious spousal unit’s Noble Pig.

The Noble Pig

Obviously, there is more of that house made bacon in there. There is also spicy ham, pulled pork, and provolone cheese. Truly, this sammich lives up to its moniker. Pig three ways between some home baked bread…yum!

Sticking with the Noble theme, we cut up The Noble Dog.

The Noble Dog

New on the board just today, this home-stuffed hot dog is topped with a killer chili, chopped onions and tomatoes. This is best eaten with a knife and fork. Slowly. Savor those flavors.  This is unlike any coney you’ve ever eaten.

Time for some Chicken n Biscuits.

Chicken n Biscuits

This reminded me of chicken pot pies my grandmother would make — only better. Positively loaded with chicken, there also was a healthy dose of herbs and veggies. The biscuit was a great way to soak up any remaining bits of the sauce.

Next up was the Grilled Chorizo with onions, peppers, and red chile mayo.

Grilled Chorizo

The sweetness of the onions along with the roasted red and green peppers complemented the spicy (house made) sausage magnificently.

Let’s not forget the house made pickles.

The Pickles

These are tangy and crunchy and a add that fantastic bit of acid and color that great sandwich houses don’t overlook.

Smoked. Duck. Pastrami.

Smoked Duck Pastrami

I’ll be honest, I don’t even like pastrami. Well, I didn’t until now. Russian dressing and rye pickles blended with the smoked duck beautifully. Definitely a crowd pleaser.

And finally, the Thai Chicken.

Thai Chicken

Chicken with jalapeño-purple cabbage slaw and a nice hit of cilantro made this a crunchy, spicy mouthful of goodness.



Frankly, we were a bit too full to totally clean up, but we somehow managed to get most of the way to a clean plate. Sated and very happy, we sat around and chatted for a bit; we weren’t in any sort of hurry to leave.

After eating eight great (and large) sandwiches split amongst four people it was amazing we could move much at all.  That said, I can hardly wait to hit Noble Pig for breakfast: served 6am until noon every day.

I’ll see you there!

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  1. yeah – that johnny bates knows pig ! he left us at ASTI to follow his dream of the noble pig. congratulations. now i just have to get myself over there and experience it for myself.

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