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At times, life can get exceedingly dangerous. Until now, going to get sushi and other Asian food was more of an event that we did on special occasions. That has come to an end.

Enter the Nanami Sushi Bar & Grill.  A few months ago, Nanami magically appeared in a small strip mall, along Brodie Lane, that I cruise by every weekday whilst on the way home from work.

Curiosity finally got the best of both of us and the most glorious spousal unit and I wandered in this afternoon for lunch.

Gyoza - Pan Fried Pork "dumblings"

These are Gyoza. Pork-filled and pan-fried, these little pot sticker kind of things are labeled as “dumblings” in the take-out menu. Dumbling or not, these are some of the tastiest I’ve had anywhere.  We opened the meal with them and closed the meal with another order.

We also went out on a limb and tried something strange and new: fizzy saké:

Fizzy sake

I would classify this as a novelty item. From the corny name — saké2me — to the manufacturing technique — apparently, saké from Japan is sent to Minnesota for the additional flavoring elements — it’s just a little too odd. Lightly fizzy, this stuff has all the makings of a drink for non-drinkers. Call it a saké cooler. This did not stop us from having two of the ginger-mango 6.3 oz bottles rated at 7% alcohol. It goes down as easy as soda pop.

For all I know, this stuff could turn out to be a huge commercial success and we could soon see two old Japanese dudes (1960s hold-overs) in denim overalls (ala Bartles & Jaymes back in the 80s) standing out int he middle of a Minnesota field raising their bottles thanking us for our support — and raking in millions. I’m just glad my sushi-eating friends didn’t see me taking part in this experiment.

Anyway, funky-weird drinks aside, we enjoyed our corner booth in this upscale looking Japanese place and the service was very good. The folks there seemed to have an honest welcoming air about them.

I had a luncheon-sized sushi plate (Lunch B to be specific) — please excuse the camera-phone photo quality —

Lunch B

and the fish was very fresh and clean tasting. Described as “8 piece Sushi and Spicy tuna hand roll” and selling for just under $11, it seemed like a pretty fair deal. It also came with a really tasty miso soup and salad.

Most glorious spousal unit had the “Creative Lunch Combo” that sells for just under $10 and consists of two rolls, miso soup, and a green salad. She chose the Tuna Avocado Roll and the Salmon Avocado Roll.

Creative Lunch Combo

We dropped a total of $46.45 (not including tip) for lunch, $12 of which was for the fizzy stuff, and I didn’t feel as though I had been ripped off.

To be clear, this is not a sushi house on the caliber of Uchi or Uchiko, nor does it represent itself as such. There are no simply outstanding surprises here nor did I expect any. This is a place to get good quality Asian food for a decent price. They have quite an array of appetizers and a variety of entrees that include udon and soba noodle dishes, hibachi fried rice, a dizzying array of sushi rolls, Teriyaki plates, and items they segregate into “Kitchen” & “Bento Box” dinners.

So, where does the danger lie?

In the fact that they deliver within a five mile radius for free on orders over $25. That won’t be posing a problem.

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