Rabbit Cassoulet

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When you’ve got some rabbit confit just sitting in the fridge not doing anything, you know it’s time to get that bunny in gear. Couple that with Spanish chorizo, caramelized onion, roasted garlic, hand made sausage, and most glorious pressure-cooked cannellini beans and you’ve got all the fixins for a tasty cassoulet.

Wonderful Rabbit Cassoulet

The fact that I used the awesome power of my Big Green Egg to cook this glorious casserole is incidental, yet more than a bit unusual.  For the longest time, I thought I needed another oven in the house. I guess not.

Hey!  I just figured out a way to fully amortize the Egg all at once!  W00t! It saved me a kitchen remodel!

Let’s get started on that cassoulet!

Layer one: Beans

Before placing that first layer of beans, I brushed the inside of the bowl with some melted truffle butter.  Might as well get the party started with a bang.

Layer 2: Rabbit

Next up came a layer of that rabbit confit.  I added a touch of salt.

Layer 3: Hand Made Sausage

Then, a layer of hand-made sausage from the Dai Due Butcher Shop run by Chef Jesse Griffiths.

Spanish Chorizo

This here orangy sausage (above) is Spanish chorizo. I think you may be getting the idea.

More beans and rabbit

Add another layer of beans and rabbit…

Caramelized Onions

a layer of caramelized onions…

Dollops of roasted garlic

dollops of roasted garlic…

More chorizo

more chorizo, beans, and rabbit, until…

loaded and ready to cook

your vessel is full.  This has been topped off with a little bit of chicken stock, just to keep things moist.

Firing up the Big Green Egg, I got the temp set in the 300°F range and trundled the over-full clay pot out to the grill.

Ready to cook!

I covered the tiles (and the BGE place setter ceramic piece) with some aluminum foil for easy cleanup.  As full as this bowl was, it was destined for over-flow.

A mere two and a half hours later, it was all bubbly and giving off a wonderfully savory scent.

Ready to eat!

After allowing it to rest a bit and reabsorb some juicy goodness, we dug in with reckless abandon.

Check out the layers of goodness

Check out all of those layers of goodness!

It’s a little difficult to describe the richness and fullness of this particular dish.  The fats from the spicy chorizo and sausage flavored the chicken stock which, in turn wound up getting absorbed by the rabbit.  The sweetness of caramelized onion and roasted garlic balanced out this piquancy nicely.  The creaminess of the beans, which were hydrated with pork stock in the pressure cooker, smoothed everything out save for a tad bit of crunchy on the top of the cassoulet.

Needless to say, it doesn’t take a whole lot of this to be truly satisfying.

While it may seem a little weird to have a cassoulet in the heat of summer, it is richly satisfying. It’s even better since I didn’t have to heat up the house to cook it off.

The Big Green Egg is proving to be quite versatile, far more so than I ever imagined: it even works on waking up some lazy rabbit confit.


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