Memorial Weekend Copper River Salmon

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One of worst things about Memorial Weekend in Central Texas is that it usually marks the beginnings of temperatures approaching 100°F. One of the best things about this weekend in Texas is that somehow, fresh wild-caught Copper River Salmon finally makes it into our local megamarts. This year, it’s running anywhere between $15 and $30 per pound.

Fresh, Wild Caught, Copper River Salmon

It’s worth every penny.

This is the simplest of preparations:

Secure a side or two of Copper River Salmon
Brush said side with some fresh squeezed juice of lemon (or lime)
Apply salt and pepper

To cook, get a large cast iron skillet smoking hot, add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, lay in the salmon skin-side down.

Turn down the heat to low and put a lid on the skillet. Wait about five minutes. Pull the lid and flip the salmon. Reapply lid and wait about two more minutes.


Fresh Wild-Caught Copper River Salmon

I served this with some crème fraîche infused with fresh garlic and basil.

And, of course, a nice bottle of Pinot Noir.

This just in…”this Memorial Weekend won’t be as hot as last Memorial Weekend!”


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6 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend Copper River Salmon

  1. We have been getting fresh wild-caught salmon from Copper River for the last 3 weeks now. I buy it every week. The difference between the fresh and frozen is amazing. The first week it was $14.99/lb, and it has gone down a dollar each week. So worth the price. I do it on the grill and the leftovers are great, cold, as is, in a tossed salad, dipped in a mustard sauce or made into a sandwich.

    • Thanks for joining the party Judy! I’ve been eating quite frequently and just had some last weekend when some friends came in for some tomahawk beef ribeyes!

  2. Wowza, that’s a pricey fish! Still wish I liked salmon. I like Chilean Sea Bass, but my store never sells it less than $20 a pound. 🙁

    How was your dinner at Foreign & Domestic – I checked out their menu and it was very interesting!

    • Yep, Copper River Salmon is getting more difficult to acquire in these here parts. Makes it more expensive. It’s okay for you not to like salmon. It saves more for the rest of us.

    • Skin side first because the pan is really quite hot and the skin provides some protection for the salmon. Also, for those of us that actually eat the skin of the salmon, it tends to crisp it up some.

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