I am not John Dromgoole!

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out wandering about somewhere and a stranger comes up to me and says “Hi John!” and I have not a clue as to who they are. I used to blame drugs.

Then one day an attractive woman came up behind me in the checkout queue at a local grocer and said, “Hi John!”  I turned to her.  The blood drained from her face and I thought she might run away (or pass out).

She stammered a bit. “Y-y-you’re not John Dromgoole! I’m sorry!”

Apparently, so am I.

John Dromgoole, The Natural Gardener John GL, The Alcoholian

I’m the guy in the race car.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against John Dromgoole. Truth be told, I have a great deal of respect for the man.  I’ve (briefly) met him on a couple of occasions and see him at local Farmers’ Markets as well.  He runs a shop called The Natural Gardener and has been on TV for about two decades. He’s even won awards for his work.

We both live in or near Austin. We both have lots of gray in our beards (though he is grayer). We both wear our hair long in a single braided tail and rimless eyewear adorns our noses. I’m taller. I’ve (thankfully) never been on TV.  I can garden but I’m not a gardener; I’ve certainly never won awards for it.

I’m hoping John doesn’t get people asking if he is The Alcoholian.  He’d probably be insulted.

Sorry John.


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A bit of a wildman, John hails from the Midwest: A land of corn, cows, pigs, and a host of other healthfully meaty pursuits.

Born on a dark and stormy night in late Fall, John grew up as the son of a meat cutter. There was always plenty of meat at hand. While not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, his family certainly ate well. According to his father, that was the whole point.

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    • Wow, nice one.

      Andre, the guy doing the fist pump, was about as excited as a kid going on his first roller coaster ride. I guess I’m just not that animated.

      Thanks for the shot!

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