Happy Anniversary to Us!

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On this date in history quite a number of important life events — for me anyway — occurred:

  • 21 years ago, Most Glorious Spousal Unit and I became a legally sanctioned Mrs & Mr Most Glorious Spousal Units
  • 8 years ago, I began work in the MMORPG world which changed my career path completely
  • 5 years ago, my Russian (now American) friend Maksim and I launched the Alcoholian
  • 1 year ago, most glorious spousal unit and I celebrated 20 years of shared life experiences and I finally completed my life-long quest to visit all 50 States of the USA (Hawaii)

September 13 appears to be a great day!

Happy Day! (JohnGL of Alcoholian fame, delirious with joy!)

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A bit of a wildman, John hails from the Midwest: A land of corn, cows, pigs, and a host of other healthfully meaty pursuits.

Born on a dark and stormy night in late Fall, John grew up as the son of a meat cutter. There was always plenty of meat at hand. While not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, his family certainly ate well. According to his father, that was the whole point.

13 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Us!

  1. Hey John,

    Happy anniversaries then! 🙂

    You visited the 50 states! Waoh…! What’s next? Europe?

    all the best

    • Thank you Caro!

      Today, the U.S. Tomorrow, the WORLD!

      Actually, the latest quest is Islands of the Caribbean.

      We’ll still be looking you up when we hit Europe!

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