Follow-up Visit: Cafe Malta

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We were there for a Sunday Brunch. It was a packed house. It was Mother’s Day.

Outdoors, at the Cafe Malta

Forced to sit outdoors on this absolutely beautiful Sunday morning, we were enjoying the light breeze. While the most glorious spousal unit sipped her Bellini…

Belini and Bloody Mary

I worked on a Bloody Mary.

I also made friends with a lovely young lady…

Little Malta Girl

who was just a little surprised when I quickly snapped her picture.

Pork Panini

Most glorious spousal unit enjoyed a garlic bread pork panini with gruyere cheese and wonderfully roasted potatoes.


I savored this Lombatello: grilled hangar steak and romaine, blistered tomato, avocado, and a creamy Gorgonzola dressing. The beef was incredibly…well, beefy and wonderfully tender. The head of romaine was roasted to perfection and the dressing was loaded with cheese. This is my kind of brunch!

The quality of the food and the packed house speaks to the success of this South Brodie (SoBro?) establishment and I greatly look forward to it being around for a good, long while.

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One thought on “Follow-up Visit: Cafe Malta

  1. It seems that every time I write good things about my experiences at Cafe Malta, I get reports from folks who give them less than high marks. In fact, just yesterday, I was informed that an entire table of four sent their dinners back to the kitchen last Friday night (May 25, 2012) due to food quality issues.

    I’m sad to report that their consistency problems continue.

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