Egg McSausage with Muffin and Cheese

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On the heels of my McPig redo, here comes another. I didn’t plan it this way, but we had stores of fresh breakfast sausage, eggs, white cheddar, and English muffins at the same time.


Why only use one egg when two will do.

Breakfast sausage is pretty easy to find and cook, so I won’t even bother with that. The only tip on that is: don’t overcook it!

It’s amazing how many people think they need to turn tender, juicy pork into little hockey pucks.


After you sear off the sausage, set it aside and use the same pan for the eggs.


Aren’t they cute?

Those rings are just some water chestnut cans with the bottoms removed. Those kinds of cans are getting harder to find, but I have a collection of them…well, cuz I’m old.

Anyway, if you don’t have any of these things, don’t worry about it. You can just fry your eggs and use a large round cookie cutter to cut them out. So what if you lose a little egg white.

While the eggs are cooking, toast your muffins, add a layer of white cheddar cheese, lay on the sausage (if it isn’t still warm, just give it a 10 second zap in the microwave).

Add the egg and enjoy. This is truly a happy meal.

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    • The rings also work really well for other types of presentations. I’ve used them many times.Thanks for popping in!

  1. John,
    Love the site! Glad you are back! Have you read the Modrenist Cuisine at Home? My lovely wife bought it for me and it is amazing. The techniques and ideas push you in different directions. I am now saving up for the full series of the Modernst Cuisine.

      • Matt, I don’t know if you still have Alcoholian tagged to follow, but I received Modernist Cuisine At Home as a gift. I love that book! Thanks for the recommendation!

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