Egg-cellent Rack of Pork

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Now I’ve done it: I’ve gone and used the goofy egg prefix. But honestly, I couldn’t help myself. In my last post, I stated that I wanted the maiden voyage of my new Big Green Egg to be a bone-in roast of pork.

I was usurped by most glorious frozen pizza.

But it’s Sunday, the pork was in the fridge just itchin’ to get out in the open air , and my most glorious spousal unit was whipping up a batch of her famous pressure-cooked beans.  Today it was mixed beans done in chicken stock.


Pork and Beans

The Egg made it pretty simple.

The most glorious spousal unit salted and peppered the roast whilst I was outdoors putting the finishing touches — adding some plant material — on my latest backyard project: a raised bed garden.  I’ve been trying to find time to do this work for about a year.

Raised Bed Garden!

That’s about $500 worth of materials and real dirt.  The weather even cooperated by being in the mid 80’s (instead of 90’s).  The strong winds messed with my string lines a bit much though.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah, the roast.  The Egg made it pretty easy.  I think I said that already.

I fired up the charcoal and got the temp where I wanted it.

Getting the temp right

I popped it open and slid the roast onto the grates.  It looked a little small in the Big Green Egg.

On the grill

It was a shame to dirty up the grill, but it had to happen sooner or later.

Anyway, we had some errands to run, so we left for about two hours.  When we returned home, I went out to check the temp: it had dropped a little less than 10 degrees.

Dripping pork

Looks like the pork drooled a bit while I was gone, too.

I did nothing to tend the grill other than opening the top vent up a tad, got it back to 250°F, and waited two more hours. That was it.


This thing wreaked of bacon.  How bad is that? I should have expected that I guess — I mean with the pork fat, smoke, and salt an’ all.

I let it rest about 10 minutes then cut off a couple of slices.

Juicy Pork Roast

It was very juicy, just like the Egg folks claimed it would be.

Beans and Pork

I had the end cut and most glorious and I shared a bottle of Chateau Grand-Jean 2009, Veilles Vignes,  a white Bordeaux. Don’t let the origins fool you, this wine is a mere $9.  I’ll call it a back-porch chicken-sandwich kinda thing, but it had enough body to complement the pork nicely.

I’m egg-cited.

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