Butternut Squash Soup with…Bacon!

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So, when the putz-meister BigDMcC urged me to do Battle Scallops over again, replete with it’s butternut squash side, I really didn’t have any idea of how much squash would be leftover.  What do you do with a puree of squash?  I suppose I could have just used it as a side dish for some other preparation, but I decided it needed to be featured…with some added bacon.  Everything is better with bacon.

butternut squash with bacon!

Realizing that the vegans and vegetarians out there are probably screaming “How could you?” right about now, all that I can say is that the original preparation already had chicken stock in it.  Put that lasso in your simulated leather saddle bags and ride on back to LeafyTown.

Here’s the leftovers:

squash leftovers

Here are the leftovers mixed with some additional chicken stock (about a cup) to thin it down a bit:

squash and stock

As I was rummaging through the fridge for that elusive package of bacon, I found this slab of smoked pig jowl:

smoked hog jowl

Score! Smoked pig cheeks.  How can one animal have so many tasty parts?

Slice off about four or five thin strips of bacon and fry it up in a pan over medium heat.  Medium heat renders out the fat more readily without burning it.

While the bacon was frying, I stirred up the squash and chicken stock and added about a quarter cup of heavy cream for some extra richness.  A touch of salt and just a tablespoon of maple syrup, and we were ready to strain.

strainer setup

Why strain?  Well, I like soups like this to be ultra smooth and creamy.  Wouldn’t want anything to detract from the bacon.

Once you strain out those random bits of carrots and squash, you’ll be ready to plate up.  Adding a dollop of crème fraîche and some bacon bits tops this soup nicely.  It’s a meal in itself.

more bacon!

Thanks BigD!

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  1. I’ve always contemplated making this soup, but always thought it might be overly sweet?

    Of course, if it was sweet, I would just add Tabasco sauce!

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