Butter Burgers & Baked Potatoes

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Some folks will probably think that I have lost what is left of my mind, but I had a hankering for a hamburger. However, the only thawed meat in the house was some dry-aged petite tenderloin parts leftover from a small gathering I’d hosted yesterday.  Too bad I didn’t have any foie gras laying around too.

So, where do I begin.  Hmmm.  Probably with some meat and potatoes.

The baked potatoes are easy.  Just turn up your toaster oven to 375° and set the timer for 40 minutes.  Pop in your potatoes.  These are Idaho Russets.

After you finish that task, go out and start your charcoal.  Remember, it takes 30 minutes to get them ready to cook over.  This will leave plenty of time to grind your meat and make your burgers.

See those white speckles in there that look like fat?  Well, they are fat, just not the kind that came with the meat.  The petite tenderloins aren’t noted for having a high fat content, so, while grinding, I threw in some pats of frozen butter. Yum!

To season the burgers, I also added some salt, fresh-ground pepper, and piquin powder.  I also oiled the surfaces of the burger with olive oil.

Now that your grill is nice and hot, it’s time to place these goodies upon the grill.  Smell good, don’t they?

These will only take a few minutes.  By the time you get them in the house, the potatoes will be ready to go as well.  Cut some rounds of toasted sourdough bread and prep you burger:

Now, just pop open your baked potato, add some butter, crème fraîche, and some Spanish Avruga caviar:

This particular caviar isn’t really caviar at all. This is herring row. It has a wonderfully smoky taste and a richness that is unequaled at the price.

Even if some folks think you are crazy, it is nice to treat yourself to a gourmet burger and baked potatoes once in a while.

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2 thoughts on “Butter Burgers & Baked Potatoes

  1. Actually, there were no flareups at all after the initial sear. The combination of the screaming hot cast iron grate and the closed vents on the Weber lid keeps flare-ups under control. Lots of smoke though! One photo had so much smoke in the way, you couldn’t see the grill.

    As for the fat, this petite was particularly lean. Some of those pieces of meat (small pile on lower left) I cut out of the tenderloin “chain” just to get some more fat in there. Well, that and the added butter. 🙂

    It may seem like a spendy burger, but these whole tenderloins are less than $9/lb., so I can splurge on occasion.

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