Burger your way to Labor Day

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Everywhere you look these days, burgers are garnering attention. The August issue of Texas Monthly posted the top 50 burgers in Texas. Both Bon Appétit and Food & Wine featured turkey burgers in their August issues.  Gourmet featured this “ultimate” burger back in June:

Saveur's September IssueSaveur’s latest issue (#122) is nearly entirely devoted to burgers.

About two weeks ago, on CNN, I saw a blurb about the Shake Shack, New York’s most popular burger joint.  They even have a “Shack Cam” so you can check how long the line is — people actually wait up to an hour to get a burger.  The “news” blurb mentioned a blend of ground sirloin and brisket is what makes these so tasty.

Even my blogger friend, Biz, did some ground brisket burgers (and made the buns!) just a few weeks ago.

I’ve done burger posts numerous times: slidersground ribeyeground chuck, and even butter-laced ground petite tenderloin have graced these pages.

I think I’m suffering burger burn-out. I’ve simply had it with burgers! No more burger posts!

Just kidding.

Actually, I am doing the opposite. Inspired by Biz’s 100% brisket burger as well as the Shake Shack’s blend of sirloin and brisket, I’m beginning a study of burgers. Just this morning, I picked up about ten pounds of choice grade chuck, sirloin, and tri-tip to facilitate this foray into burger bliss. I’ll be working with blends of beef cuts (like sirloin and tri-tip), pork, lamb, and maybe even fish (just for those who don’t eat red meat).

So, burger fans, stay tuned as I burger my way to Labor Day.  It should be a juicy journey!

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  1. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I think that magazine is about the ONLY magazine I don’t get – I think I need to fix that!

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