Big Green Egg: Thin Crust Homemade Pizza

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A week or so ago, I produced my first homemade pizza on the Big Green Egg. The pizza was good, but the crust was a little thick. I made some revisions.  See for yourself: new, improved version (top) and first attempt (bottom)

New, improved thin crust pizzaHomemade Pizza

How’d I do it?  Pretty simple really: I literally used half as much dough!

It’s the same recipe and the same batch of dough.  It keeps really well in the fridge!

The pizza itself is completely different however.

Where that first pizza was a more traditional peperoni and Italian sausage, this one was a bit out of the ordinary.

Let’s start at the beginning, with that crust.

Nearly able to read through it

I rolled it out just big enough to cover the pizza peel.  Remember, I used half as much dough as that first pizza.  It’s so thin, you can nearly read through it.  Honestly, the picture doesn’t do it justice.

This time, I was going for more of  “white” pizza, so I cut that Mario Batali pizza sauce I used on the first pizza with heavy cream, hence the lighter color.

White Pizza

The shape is a little unique.  I was shooting for a Texas shape, then it just went its own way.  I ran with it.

I added a blend of white cheeses: mozzarella and Gouda (how-da).  It sorta rhymes with sauna (sow-na).

Leaving language nuance aside, the pizza was coming together.


Over the first layer of cheese went a few leaves of arugula.  I know. I know.  I said veggies don’t belong on a pizza.  I’m using arugula as an herb here, along with some chopped sage leaves.  Over that lies a thin, see-through, layer of prosciutto. This is the di Parma variety.

more cheese

Over that went a 50-50 blend of mozzarella and Gouda (don’t make me correct you again! It’s how-da!). Spices included powdered onion and garlic along with smoked sea salt (yes, I know, salt is a mineral, but you know what I mean).

I got the Big Green Egg up to the required temp, roughly 600°F.

In went the pizza!

Onto the pizza stones

Well, sorta.  This shot was about two minutes in when I rotated the pie so it would cook evenly.

Five minutes later, it was ready to come off. I love seven minute cooking times!

Thin and crispy!

The aromas coming off this thing were pretty amazing.  I loved the smell of cooking pork fat!

After a few minutes...

Cutting through the crust provided the resounding crunch I sought!

And, of course, the wine.  Another Italian selection went well with this fine arugula, prosciutto, sage, and cheese pizza!


This 2004 Capezzana Barco Reale di Carmignano is really a very nice, though under-priced, wine. When decanted, it really comes alive with a fruit forward style, but not lacking a bit of funky earthiness (this is a good thing). At about $12 a bottle (four years ago!) this is perhaps the world’s best homemade pizza wine!

The Big Green Egg pizza experiments will continue, but I’ve nearly got this nailed.

Since I bought the Egg as a pizza oven, I’m now at around $300 per pizza. Another 95 pizzas or so and this thing will be fully paid for!


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