Agavero, The Original Liqueur of Tequila

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There I was, in the midst of making some pizza dough for tonight’s dinner (homemade pizza on the Big Green Egg!) and I needed something refreshing in a hurry.  Let’s just call it an adult beverage emergency.

Agavero to the rescue!

I looked up and saw the bottle of Agavero, El Original Licor de Tequila, that was presented to me as a going away gift by my good friend, and fellow beverage connoisseur, Gabe.

The origins of this eminently drinkable beverage is the fermented and distilled juice of the blue agave plant that grows in the Tequila region of our southern neighbors.  It’s a blend of an 18 month old añejo and six month to one year old reposado. An added touch is the nectar of a flower from a plant native to mountains of Jalisco, called Damiana, which is purported to be a potent aphrodisiac (as though the alcohol isn’t enough of one already).

In the throws of my emergency, I grabbed a glass, asked the fridge deposit a nice load of ice into it, and poured on the Agavero. Siting a large lemon, hand picked and carried all the way from a friend’s tree in Altadena, CA, I sliced it in half and coaxed it’s juicy goodness into the glass.

I took a sip.  Ahhhhh.  Just what I needed! Very close to a Margarita, this brings with it an herbaceous quality that is hard to beat on a hot Texas afternoon.

Thanks Gabe.  Another crisis averted!

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2 thoughts on “Agavero, The Original Liqueur of Tequila

  1. Hey John – I’ve been looking for this since you posted – apparently it’s not available in smallville KY. I was in Tucson last week and I found a bottle hiding on the bottom shelf at A.J.’s Fine Foods and snapped it up. ($38) I took it back to the rental and took some pictures of the bottle – then ceremoniously un-screwed the cap and poured two shots, which is my preferred way to taste test tequila and other libations. We smelled it, not too strong then tasted it. Kapow – what a surprise! I never had SWEET tequila before. Then the cinnamon came along and I had to pour another. We successfully consumed the bottle in less than a week and shipped the empty home. Momma wants me to make a vase out of this unique agave bottle. Anyway – thanks for the post!!! I would never had tried it had you not recommended it.

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