A caipirinha mojito hybrid

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My food and drink philosophy differs greatly from that of John. I don’t live to cook or make drinks. I cook and make drinks to enjoy my life better. I enjoy good food, but I would not spend a weekend making that perfect dish. Same for drinks. I hate getting cocktails in bars because to get a good one you’d have to pay through the nose and even then you never know what you gonna get.

I make cocktails at home because I know I can make a good one. I still have a strong preference for the cocktails I can make quickly, cheaply, and with minimal hassle. I like mojitos. But getting mint is pain and it’s not always available. And it does not store too well in the fridge. Besides, lately I have been discovering mojitos taste to diluted for me now.

I like caipirinha, but this one is too strong and I really see no point in buying cachaça just for this one drink, when I have 9 bottles of rum at home that needs using. So, I set out to explore a simple rum based drink that does not need mint.

For this recipe you’ll need a stainless steel shaker. I start out with 1 ripe juicy lime, quartered.

Add 2 heapping tea spoons of sugar and a dash of bitters.


Add 2 oz of rum and 2 oz of club soda. Club soda needs to be at room temperature, so that sugar dissolves well.  As I said, I like to make cocktails inexpensively, so I use the cheapest rum I have in the house, the one I buy for $7 a bottle in Costa Rica.

Now shake the shaker vigorously to dissolve the sugar and strain the fluids into a short glass. The shaker now only contains the spent quarters of lime.

You can discard these. Put ice into the shaker and pour the fluid back from the short glass. Shake vigorously again to chill the fluid and transfer everything into the short glass you just used. Enjoy.

When my girlfriend tasted this, she decided to call it a “rumgarita”. Indeed, it’s similar in taste.

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  1. Hello webmaster I like your post “A caipirinha mojito hybrid” so well that I like to ask you whether I should translate into German and linking back. Answer welcome. Greetings Kroatien

  2. Woo Hoo!

    With the holiday coming up, you can bet I will whipping up some of these and maybe a few Super ‘ritas.

    Great stuff!


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