10-Day Dry-Aged Ribeye with Blue Cheese

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There we were, most glorious spousal unit and I, ready to have some small three-day dry-aged ribeye steaks when BigDMcC called me about those Tomahawk Ribeyes last weekend. What’s a guy to do?

The small ribeyes went back into the dry-aging fridge for another week.

Trimmed dry-aged beef

Here they are again after trimming the dried dry-aged bits off. While parts looks rather browny-black in the photo, they are actually deep, dark purple-colored.

Seasoned and ready to cook

Here they are yet again, seasoned with salt and pepper and ready to cook.

Since these were a little thinner now that they’d been trimmed, I augmented the eight minute cooking time, revising it down to six minutes as not to over-cook. The grill was super-hot (like 950°F or so).

Ribeyes, six minutes

Once I pulled the steaks, I tented them in aluminum foil and allowed them to rest for around seven minutes. How do I know it was seven minutes? It’s just a guess. It felt like more than five and less than ten.

Blue Cheese and Ribeye!

Most glorious spousal unit did an impressive job with the quinoa…adding some petite-something or other cheese (Cantal?) at the very end of the cooking process. It was simply stellar.

The steaks came out the usual dead-on medium-rare and the Shiraz mgsu plucked from the wine cellar was, quite simply, a perfect match with my blue cheese ribeye. She doesn’t like blue cheese, so she missed out on this out-of-the-park combination. Oh woe is she!

If you find yourself getting derailed by some impromptu dinner arrangements, just go with it; it’ll probably just turn out better in the end!

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6 thoughts on “10-Day Dry-Aged Ribeye with Blue Cheese

  1. Okay, I really need to try your dry aged beef process – and I’ll have the blue cheese your wife doesn’t want. 😀

    • Hi Wendell, thanks for stopping in!

      Yes, in fact I do have a dry-aging fridge; It’s one of those 4 cu. ft. college dorm models. I keep it at about 33-34°F. I also lightly salt the meat before it goes in. I leave the meat uncovered. Make sure there is adequate air circulation in the fridge. I rotate the meat every 24 hours to ensure even exposure.

      That’s all there is to it.

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