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Chef Paul Qui: Bravo’s “Top Chef: Texas” Winner!

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Posted by johngl

Executive Chef Paul QuiUnless you live under a cactus, anyone who’s been in Austin for a while has to have heard of Paul Qui. Between his work at food trailers, doing cooking classes, and running the show as Executive Chef at Uchiko, I don’t know where he finds the time and energy to do things like appear on Bravo’s Top Chef: Texas series.

Having eaten just short of a metric ton of Chef Qui’s offerings over the years, there was no doubt in my mind who was going to win that competition.

Congratulations Chef!

4 Responses to “Chef Paul Qui: Bravo’s “Top Chef: Texas” Winner!”

  1. NKing says:

    Pretty soon, people will stop going there, knowing that it’s impossible to get in…

    • johngl says:

      Rumors are already flying that he has his own place lined up. I’m guessing that investors are lined up at his door since the big win.

  2. Biz says:

    I am so glad that he won – he was my pick from about the middle of the season – he won so many quick fires and his food always looked amazing. Lucky you’ve had a chance to eat his food!

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