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Alcoholian lives up to its name

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

Posted by johngl

Last evening, a very good friend of mine called and opened with: What are you going to write about tomorrow?

“Whatever inspires me,” I answered.

So, this morning, while I was getting ready to put a new 2gig xD card in my camera (upgrading from the 1gig — just cuz I can) I noticed a bunch of pictures of the wines we enjoyed last weekend. No wonder it took me a week to recover.

Since I have never had a Dominus, this was a particularly memorable label:


This was just one of many stellar wines we enjoyed.

And this champagne was one of the best I have had…ever.

Pol Roget

The fact that it was a magnum was even more spectacular.

There are a lot of great labels in here, so just peruse at your leisure.

Yummy with the bisque!

This Barolo was a nice match for the carpaccio




The one above required an identical follow-up bottle.

Something domestic

Something minerally

Something outstanding

Something else outstanding

(I am a great fan of Pauillac!)

Still more Champagne!

Are we celebrating or something?

You are NOT driving home…

This Sauternes was absolutely killer with the Dreamsicle (several folks commented that my dessert combo of ice cream and orange sorbet reminded them of their childhood).

Upon reflection, it was a very fine evening. If you think about it, it isn’t all that much wine considering there were 14 of us and the “dinner” didn’t get started until around 7:30 and ran for five hours.

Thanks Brian, for hosting. Whew!

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