Super Thick Grilled Ribeye

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Giving my new grill grate a test drive was of prime importance to me this weekend, so most glorious spousal unit and I headed out to Costco early to pick up some steaks for lunch. I like steak for lunch on weekends.  I also like steak for breakfast and dinner.

Flame-kissed ribeye

Lunch was a great success!

I went to Costco looking for pre-cut steaks, but found this instead:

Ribeye Roast

We thought about cutting this into four steaks, but then hit upon the idea of just cutting it in half and splitting the steak after it was cooked.

Two Big Steaks

Now that’s a steak!

Very thick steak

I added salt and pepper and allowed it to warm up a little bit.

season and allow it to come up to temp

The new grate, custom sized by Lane at,  worked marvelously.  I cranked the Big Green Egg to about 600°F and brushed the surface rust off the new steel.

Lovely marking, don’t you think?

Pretty grill marks

The steak took a little longer to grill due to its increased thickness but still came out nice and juicy.


We enjoyed it with quinoa that was hydrated with home-made chicken stock.

Needless to say (well, almost) the grate worked great on its maiden outing.  We’re going to have a long and very happy relationship!

Of course, we needed to find a fitting wine strong enough to stand up to this mass of red meat.  Most glorious spousal unit fished a 2005 Liversan Bordeaux from the Haut-Médoc. It stood up just fine.

Liversan 2005 Haut Medoc

For a mere $12, this 50% Merlot, 49% Cabernet Sauvignon, 1% Cabernet Franc blend packs a big tannic punch and we had to decant it prior to consumption to allow those huge tannins to mellow a bit.

Even now, more than seven hours after the bottle was decanted, the tannins continue to mellow.  More fruit has come forward and its really quite good being redolent of blueberry and perhaps a little dark cherry. It finishes as dry as a desert. It would appear that this wine could easily stand a few more years in bottle and for the price, one can afford to load up on it.

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  1. WOW..! Great big steak..! Looks like the “great-grates” are going to do just fine in their new BGE home…. Well, the other four are done John and after seeing these posts I’m VERY excited to see how they hold up in the other applications….

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