Bacon Lattice and Tomato Sandwich

For me, there’s a serious problem with conventional BLT’s; not enough bacon. Sure, you can add more slices — or use thickly cut bacon — but after the first bite, they tend to move around and you wind up wrestling the sandwich into your mouth.

Given that, I am very truly sad that I didn’t think of this: the bacon lattice.
Raw Bacon Lattice
Fry it!
Delicious Bacon Lattice
Eat it!
BLT Time!
It adds a whole new dimension to a BLT.

Avocado Soup with Shrimp

This afternoon, most glorious spousal unit sent me a recipe. It intrigued me, but not enough to actually follow it.
Avocado Soup with Shrimp
This cold soup is amazingly simple when you have ripe avocados, shrimp, lime juice, butter, sherry, pequin powder (or cayenne), fresh garlic, chives, and some whole milk on hand.

Oh yeah, you’ll also need a blender and a pan to cook the shrimp.
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Sous Vide Flounder with Browned Butter Fettuccine

Being able to take advantage of good prices on fresh fish is one of my favorite things. Keeping good quality fish from getting funky is always a challenge.

Enter sous vide.
Sous Vide Flounder with Browned Butter Fettuccine
This flounder was pasteurized, frozen then reheated in a stovetop water bath. The gating factor on dinner prep was the 11 minutes of hydration time for the fettuccine. Dinner was ready in less than 20 minutes.
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Crabby Balls

Decades ago, in a land far, far away, a housemate introduced me to several Asian-inspired dishes. I wasn’t as fluent in cooking back then, but this recipe has stuck with me throughout the years without much modification. Marcotte called them Pork & Crab Meatballs.


BigDMcC, another old friend, calls them John’s Crabby Balls. The name seems to fit.

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Project: Kitchen

Posted by johngl

I got tired of looking at a Thanksgiving post as the latest thing on this site.

Remember that destruction I did several months back? Probably not. I know you have slept since then.

Here we are now, still in progress. Maybe there is a song in there somewhere.

P1090249 P1090445
Before After

The other end of the kitchen has yet to be touched. It is a labor of love.

Thanksgiving Day Duck

Posted by johngl

Home demolition and Thanksgiving turkey just do not make for a good combination, especially since said demolition takes place within several feet of the food preparation area.

Seeking out a simple, yet delicious substitute for the spared gobbling fowl, most glorious spousal unit and myself, in true Pilgrim tradition, rummaged around the freezer and, what ho! a pre-roasted duck appeared.


Above, the prepared duck halves are submerged in just over a quart of duck fat. If you don’t have this in your larder, you should be ashamed.

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